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Hong Kong & Macau's Michelin starred chefs

We meet the chefs behind new entries in the 2016 Michelin Guide Hong Kong/Macau edition



Since the Michelin Guide Hong Kong & Macau edition was launched in 2007, the rise and fall of the stars seem to be phenomena as natural as the construction and demolition of skyscrapers in the twin cities. This year, while a number of relatively new venues in Hong Kong have already lost their first star gained in 2015, we see Chinese restaurants like Ming Court rise to its 2-starred thrones, while T’ang Court has earned its three well-deserved stars. On the other hand, Macau’s new starred restaurants, such as Jade Dragon (two) and Feng Wei Ju (one) show that 2016 could be considered ‘the Year of Cantonese Cuisine.’ We meet the Japanese, French and Italian winners of their first Michelin star.

Serge et le Phoque

Serge-21Serge et le Phoque

Serge et le Phoque has all the allure of a Parisian haunt and Wanchai's laid-back atmosphere. Co-owner Charles Pelletier says, “What we’ve done is strip away the layers of what most would consider French cuisine, putting the focus on the core ingredient, with fundamentally French techniques and executions.” Hong Kong diners who are already well familiar with French cuisine will be delighted with the creative freedom expressed through the dishes, ambience and service, as Charles pointed out. From the frozen coconut ceviche to seared pigeon with cockles, samphire and pigeon jus, dishes can be shared or ordered as small plates, and diners can even leave it all up to their chef to create a magical evening. Watch out for a London outpost next year.

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Ta Vie

tavieTa Vie

Ta Vie is all about a personal journey. Owner and chef Hideaki Sato, having worked in prestigious French restaurants for over 10 years and then at innovative Japanese venues such as Hong Kong's award-winning RyuGin, blends French and Asian culinary philosophies to create an unconventional 8-course menu at Ta Vie. “Pure, simple and seasonal, I always try to bring out the most original taste in ingredients,” he underlines. Flounder and Hokki clam juice in à la marinière sauce is a perfect example. Passionate about local ingredients, Chef Sato goes to the market every day to make his charcoal grilled chicken with yuzu-pepper dressing and roasted bell pepper.

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Shinji by Kanesaka


Shinji by Kanesaka stands out amongst the numerous Japanese restaurants in Macau, by virtue of a few crucial factors. As chef de cuisine Toru Osumi explains, firstly “the best fish is flown in daily from Tokyo’s Tsukiji market and is served with a precise lead time of delivery;” second: “the rice, the same type as used at our original store in Tokyo, ensures the most authentic flavour;” third: “we surprise even the most demanding palates by presenting new kinds of fish, as our customers in Macau are becoming more and more knowledgeable, just like diners in Japan.”

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Newly renovated, Mizumi boasts innovative culinary techniques, picture-perfect presentations, sizzling teppanyaki, robatayaki and hearty home-style dishes, and a master sushi chef's arrival in 2014 has taken its sushi offerings to a whole new level. “It’s an incredible achievement for Mizumi to win its first Michelin star as we continue to showcase Japan’s authentic cuisine” – a true crowning glory in his 15-year career.

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The Tasting Room

tasting-roomThe Tasting Room

The Tasting Room is executive chef Guillaume Galliot’s culinary playground. “French and Chinese are both great classic cuisines with a long history privileging the use of seasonal produce from diverse regions,” he points out. From his contemporary onion soup to chocolate banana mille-feuille, Chef Galliot showcases the breadth of French cuisine. “There will be more and more restaurants coming out here, making Macau a dining environment with the maturity necessary to brew culinary creativity.” Great news for diners from all over Asia.

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2 Ta Vie
3 The Tasting Room
4 Shinji by Kanesaka
5 Mizumi