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Decadent dim sum in Hong Kong

Enjoy this handcrafted delicacy just like the locals: for breakfast, lunch or dinner

One of the most popular Cantonese dishes is dim sum, with a literal English translation meaning "to touch the heart," it certainly does. Piping hot and delicious steamed small bites, dim sum is a social meal meant to be enjoyed with friends and a cup of Chinese tea. LUXOS rounds up the best dim sum spots in Hong Kong that will fill your hearts (and your stomachs). 

Dim Sum Bar


Dim Sum Bar

Conveniently located within Harbour City, Dim Sum Bar makes a great pitstop for lunch before you start or continue a day of shopping in Tsim Sha Tsui. Classics such as baked whole abalone and diced chicken pastry, xiao long bao in three flavours and pan-fried pork buns with lotus roots have been updated with a gourmet touch, while healthy main dishes such as fried rice with pumpkin, pine nuts and lily bulb are not to be missed. Look out for the special menu listing the seasonal dishes available. harbourcity.com.hk

Cuisine Cuisine


Daniel Ang

As a nouvelle dim sum restaurant with appreciation for the conventional style, Cuisine Cuisine's dishes are made with fresh and seasonal ingredients in the traditional Cantonese way. Signature dishes include suckling pig with foie gras and sauteed seafood with shrimp paste on fried fillet. With a sophisticated emerald green interior, location in Hong Kong's business district, and breathtaking views of Victoria Harbour, this is one of the best places to take your business lunches for dishes that will impress. www.miradining.com/cuisinecuisine

Island Tang

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Island Tang

Sir David Tang’s nostalgic design has created a different kind of Cantonese restaurant at Island Tang, where décor featuring glass panels, mirrors, ceiling fans, carpeted floor, cosy armchairs and booth seats transports you to a bygone era. But the dim sum here is utterly contemporary with a new twist on well-known specialities. Try steamed veggie dumpling in matsutake bouillon, crab meat dumpling with egg white and black truffle, baked puff pastries with wagyu beef in teriyaki sauce and much more. www.islandtang.com

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Sun Tung Lok


Daniel Ang

A Michelin Star restaurant, Sun Tung Lok is honoured dim sum with thoughtful ingredient choices. Cantonese classics are certainly present here, with rib of beef, stuffed crab shells, and roasted suckling pig being among the restaurant's best prepared dishes. Finish your dinner with the dessert platter, including succulent custard-stuffed rice balls and osmathus jelly. Make sure reserve a private booth ahead of time for an intimate dining experience. www.suntunglok.com.hk

Dim Dim Sum


Dim Dim Sum

Just one stop in the underground from Tsim Sha Tsui, this dim sum speciality store is worth a visit. With its refined take on traditional treats, key dim sum ingredients such as large juicy shrimps, delicate crab roe, lean pork, fresh rice roll wrappers and many more are prepared to perfection, with expert cooking techniques and attention to details. Most importantly, every dish is presented from the steamer to your table piping hot, and goes down wonderfully with an excellent cup of Chinese tea. www.facebook.com/dimdimsum

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Tin Lung Heen

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Hotel Design Magazine

Another Michelin star restaurant, there is not a part of Tin Lung Heen that isn't elegant or glamorous. The waiters wear tuxedos, the interior is decorated in a oriental-meets-contemporary manner, and the 102nd floor views will take your breath away. And not to mention the food: Chef Paul Lau Ping Lui cooks up one of the best roast porks in all of the city. Through and through view, food, and service, Tin Lung Heen will be one of your finest dining experiences in Hong Kong. www.ritzcarlton.com/tinlungheen

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