Peking Garden Peking Garden

6 of the best Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong

Our favourite Cantonese restaurants in Hong Kong right now.

Hong Kong's proximity to China ensures that the city boasts a wide array of Cantonese restaurants. But, unlike in China, this multicultural and ever changing city interprets and innovates on the traditional with exciting results. Here are our favourite Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong right now...

Peking Garden

Most Hong Kongnese have fond food memories of Peking Garden. This insitution, that was founded in 1978, helped popularise the north speciality - roasted duck - in this southern city. While it is a must-try don't miss out on deep-fried prawns in chilli sauce, or the sweet and sour fish with pine nuts or the Beggar's Chicken (with its clay breaking ceremony). See the chef prepare another northern classic. handcrafted noodles, right in front of you.

Lotus leaf rice at Fook Lam MoonLotus leaf rice at Fook Lam Moon

Fook Lam Moon

A firm favourite since it was founded in 1948, Fook Lam Moon has become an institution. This Wanchai location was established on the iconic road in 1972. Today it has a Michelin star and continues to create seasonal dishes with premium ingredients that continue the founder's vision to be the city's first haute Cantonease cuisine restaurant.

Kowloon TangKowloon Tang

Kowloon Tang

Island Tang's sister venue offers a sophisticated take on Cantonese cuisine inside Elements' modernistic architecture. Whether you are craving dim sum, Peking duck or Cantonese delicacies, don't forget to pair your dishes with the restaurant's beautifully crafted cocktails or fine wines. The simmered minced carp and bamboo piths are also highly recommended. French-inspired desserts are the perfect way to wrap up your cross cultural dining experience. Enjoy your meal outside on the terrace when weather permits.

Shanghai GardenShanghai Garden

Shanghai Garden

Huaiyangese cuisine, along with Cantonese, is one of China's top four culinary schools. Its light, succinct style is particularly popular amongst diners looking for healthier options. At Shanghai Garden the classics have been re-visited for a more contemporary touch. Try sliced beef with homemade sauce, minced peas with diced scallop and steamed Wuxi-style soup dumplings and you'll give Huaiyangese cuisine your thumbs-up too.

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The ChairmanSauteed king prawns with shrimp roes and deep fried peppered prawn heads at The Chairman

The Chairman

While most Chinese restaurants in the city serve up shark fin, sea cucumbers and swallow's nest this restaurant dares to be different by eliminating these old-school options from its menu, using instead only locally-sourced and grown ingredients. With live shrimp from the South China Sea, poultry from New Territory farms and organic vegetables and homemade sauces The Chairman cooks up delicious environmentally and animal friendly meals. The pan-fried king prawns with dark sugar and balsamic vinegar are highly recommended.

The Square: Poached fresh spotted garoupa in fresh soya milk brothPoached fresh spotted garoupa in fresh soya milk broth at The Square

The Square

Awarded a Michelin star for seven consecutive years this restaurant consistently excellent dishes. Cantonese dishes get a facelift with carefully chosen ingredients and the use of cholesterol free bran oil. Signature dishes like baked seafood and onion in a seashell, steamed fresh crab claw on custard and stewed ox cheek with curry sauce look almost too beautiful to eat. The crispy fried boneless chicken with minced prawn puree is also highly recommended.

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2 Kowloon Tang
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4 Shanghai Garden
5 The Chairman
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