7 of the best Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong Crystal sushi at Shiro

7 of the best Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong

Where to eat Japanese in Hong Kong.

One of the most surprising things about Hong Kong is its cuisine. Due to it proximity to China the city does boast great Cantonese restaurants but in addition it offers a surprising array of international food, of which Japanese counts as one of the most dominant. The quality of Japanese food is ridiculously high in Hong Kong and a trip to one of its top restaurants should not be missed...

GinzaGinza Iwa

Ginza Iwa

Serving sushi and grilled specialities, this intimate Japanese restaurant has sushi bar seats plus a private dining room. Dinner and lunch menus are updated regularly to provide the freshest seafood. The price options vary but diners in the know go for Omakase, entrusting their meal entirely to the chef. The Yuzu-marinated scallop sashimi is highly recommended.



The name says it all. This restaurant loves chicken with a passion and every part of the bird is cooked to perfection with tender loving care - all in a culinary style inspired by Japan's own Yakitori. The Yardbird only uses high quality chickens from local farms in its dishes. Don't miss the Sancho tare chicken ribs and the sea salt shichimi wings. Pair your food with the restaurant's own brand of sake and shochu and finish with a Japanese whiskey from Yardbird's extensive list.



This is one of many excellent restaurants and bars are hidden in the little streets of Hong Kong. Ronin, in the historic neighbourhood of Sheung Wan, serves melt-in-the-mouth seafood with a thoughtful selection of cocktails, umeshus, shochus, sakes, wines and 100 varieties of Japanese whiksey. Reservations are essential to avoid long waits. The flower crab with uni and mitsuba is highly recommended.



With locations in three of the most glamorous shopping spots in town, Taikoo Place, Hysan Place and Pacific Place, Shiro is a top favourite amongst diner looking for Japanese fare with a dash of imagination. And that's just what's in store for them this season with the debut of crystal sushi: a slice of jelly infused wiht the essence of dashi, ponzu, shiso leaf or other selected ingredients placed on top of traditional sushi for a new gastronomic dimension.Don't miss the deluxe scallop with caviar and sake rose jelly sushi.

Sushi KuuSushi Kuu

Sushi Kuu

Sushi Kuu is a great choice in the Central district. Whether you diner Omakase-style (letting the chef surprise you) or à la carte, try a combination of sushi, sashimi and hot dishes just to mix it up a little. The clam miso soup and chirashi is a must try.

Wagyu beef at Sushi Ta-Ke

Wagyu beef at Sushi Ta-Ke

Sushi Ta-Ke

Fourth generation master chef Mamoru Sugiyama of Ginza Sushikou Honten is bringing Edomae sushi heritage to Hong Kong's Sushi Ta-ke. To re-create the unique sushi, Chef Sugiyama makes sure tuna and other seafood are flown in daily from the Tsukjji fish market. He has also created a sophisticated white wine, Wah, with Australian winemaker Pernod Ricard to complement the menu. The seared toro sushi paired with Wah wine is highly recommended.

 NobuTacos at Nobu


And last but by no means least the Hong Kong branch of Nobu showcases the famed restaurant's signature dishes plus new creations using local ingredients, like the Hirame XO Salsa and Oven Baked Black Cod cooked in a lotus leaf topped with dried miso and yuzu. Located in the InterContinental Hong Kong the restaurant features a stunning yet intimate harbour view dining room, bar lounge, sushi bar and private dining room for special events. It is pricey, but worth every penny.

1 Ginza Iwa
2 Yardbird
3 Ronin
4 Sushi Kuu
5 Shiro
6 Sushi Ta-Ke
7 Nobu