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Treppenviertel Treppenviertel

Three Unique Sights and Sounds of Hamburg

The never-ending temptations of the quintessential harbour city

Hauptkirche St. JacobiHauptkirche St. Jacobi

Hauptkirche St. Jacobi

For people who find the sound of organ music in a church evocative, Hauptkirche St. Jacobi is an essential stop in Hamburg. It is a pilgrimage site for organists and everyone who likes this sort of instrument, because the instrument is unique in the world, with the largest collection of pipes from the 16th and 17th centuries, 60 stops and four registers. Organ concerts are held regularly, and there are guided tours every Thursday at midday.

Hauptkirche St. Jacobi


Treppenviertel, Blankenese

You can’t beat Blankenese for a change from the modern city. It was once a fishing village, and now it’s a chic residential district, where the highlights are the verdant, sometimes eccentric gardens, the cafés and restaurants on the river Elbe, and the Michelin-starred Seven Seas restaurant at the top of the hill. Steps run up and down the hill as if in an Escher woodcut.

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Speicherstadt Hamburg Michael HaulSpeicherstadt


Hamburg’s Speicherstadt (‘city of warehouses’) is a UNESCO World Heritage site, also known as the ‘neo-gothic Venice of Hamburg.’ An evocative visit, particularly on a barge leaving from St. Pauli, and especially after dusk, when the red brick buildings and steel bridges are artfully lit and reflect in the water.

1 Treppenviertel, Blankenese
2 Hauptkirche St. Jacobi
3 Speicherstadt