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Hamburg: The Scenic Route

Enjoying Hamburg from a different viewpoint

Whatever brings you to the North, business or pleasure, there’s no better time to explore Hamburg on foot, via ship or even bike. There are so many secret little corners that are always being overlooked in the mainstream tourist guides. If you do find them by coincidence or, like you, dear travellers, they offer fascinating insights into the heart and soul of the Elbe metropolis. We’ve been looking out for the latest developments in the city, which is why we’d like to introduce you to a few newly-opened restaurants. Especially during the summer, a quick, light bite and something sweet are part of the experience and make your body happy. 

Cap San Diego


Cap San Diego

The Cap San Diego has seen the world: it used to be a cargo ship and has been transformed into a museum, swimming hotel and ‘landmark,’ lovingly maintained by volunteer sailors and furnished in a retro style. Whether you’d like to spend the night, have a drink in the salon or a swim on the pool deck in the open air, it’s always a worthwhile experience!


 edit2Kramer-Witwen-Wohnung Foto Michael Zapf Hamburg Museum


How old, do you think, are Germany’s oldest semi-detached houses? Try over 300 years! They used to house well-off widows who lived in two apartments per house. To give today’s visitors an authentic view of daily life in the 17th century, one of the apartments in this historical quarter was furnished in the style of those times, including the beautiful wall paintings.




Are you in town with your partner? Because now, it’s getting romantic. The Hamburg people like to spend warm summer nights at the beautiful Parksee, where the so called ‘water light concerts’ feature colourful lighting that illuminates the fountains, accompanied by lovely music. This is also perfect for a picnic. A symphony for the senses!




The ‘Gängeviertel’ is one of the less familiar quarters of Hamburg. To prevent it from being torn down, a group of volunteers has formed and is in the process of transforming it into a small, pleasant centre for art, culture and events in a historical setting. So by visiting this location, you are also helping a good cause!

Café Schmidt & Schmidtchen



These lovely cafés have received many awards and are part of a small ‘empire’ of four. They offer fantastic products from the in-house bakery, full of seasonal ingredients with no artificial additives. Also, they are home to Northern Germany’s only bread sommelier. With every bite, you can taste the love for the craft.

Zwanzig Quadratmeter

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Zanzwig Quadratmeter

Two Swiss souls in Hamburg – a love story! In this rustic bistro, you can enjoy traditional Swiss cuisine and other delicious dishes made from the finest ingredients. If you like it hearty, you should definitely pre-order the great ‘Hüttenzeit’ – it could be described as an urban fondue. They also offer a fantastic wholesome breakfast.

Mad about juice

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Mad about Juice

Mad about juice – if you are, you should definitely pick up your daily dose of vitamins here at Mühlenkamp. Not only do they offer creatively combined, freshly-squeezed juice from seasonal fruit, but also breakfast and lunch. All of this in a really beautiful atmosphere, design and cosiness combined.

Carls Brasserie & Bistro



Carls Brasserie & Bistro at the ‘Elbphilharmonie’ offers Northern German cuisine with a French influence and a magnificent view of the harbour. In the casual, lively atmosphere, you can enjoy delicacies at the Bistro or a delicious menu with accompanying wines from the Brasserie’s dinner menu. Afterwards, why not have a drink at the bar?

1 Zwanzig Quadratmeter
2 Mad about juice
3 Carls Brasserie & Bistro
4 Café Schmidt & Schmidtchen
5 Gängeviertel
6 Cap San Diego
7 Kramer-Witwen-Wohnung
8 Wasserlichtkonzerte