Hamburg, Germany Hamburg, Germany

What to do with children in Hamburg

The city's kid-friendly destinations 

It is without-a-doubt that Hamburg has plenty for the adult traveller, but it also has plenty to do for more family-orientated activities. Make sure to check out these fun and child-friendly destinations before going out on the town with the kids. They'll have a blast!


planetarium2Hamburg Planetarium

The Hamburg Planetarium is a “hybrid planetarium.” Projected stars, a digital dome and state-of-the-art laser and light technology make for a memorable experience.

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Hagenbeck Zoo/ Tierpark Hagenbeck

zooHagenback Zoo

The world’s only privately-owned zoo. Set in a 25-hectare park and popular among tourists and local visitors alike. A must-see for anyone who loves animals.

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Miniature Wonderland / Miniatur Wunderland

miniatur-wunderland3Miniature Wonderland

The largest model railway in the world, fascinating not just for the children, but for all who appreciate design. It also plays host to various events.

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Landing Bridges / Landungsbrücken

landing-bridgesLanding Bridges

In the St. Pauli quarter, on the river Elbe between Fischhafen and Pegeltrum (water level tower), the Landungsbrückenis a tourist attraction as well as transportation hub.

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St. Michaelis Church/ St Michaelis Kirche

St Michaelis 02St. Michaelis Church

Hamburg’s largest church, one of the most beautiful Baroque churches in the North of Germany, with a trumpeter playing the daily chorale from the tower.

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1 Planetarium/Sternentheater
2 Hagenbeck Zoo / Tierpark Hagenbeck
3 Miniature Wonderland / Miniatur Wunderland
4 Landing Bridges / Landungsbrücken
5 St. Michaelis Church