Hamburg: From The Sea, Farm & Field Featured

The ultimate pick of Hamburg's top restaurants when it comes to choosing your poison. Will it be meat or fish this evening?

by Eleonora Betesh



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Trust the Limans to serve fine seafood specialities done just so as you toast the evening away with acclaimed, local beers. Located in the lively Mühlenkamp district, the interiors have a modern harbour style design code, perfectly conjured with the restaurant’s location and city spirit.

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Some things are best experienced in simple form, and truly good meat is no different. Generous portions are derived from regionally sourced farms overseen by the restaurant’s butchers and then dry aged for 40 days. The special caramelisation techniques make the final result simply exquisite.

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The name may give it away, but don’t let it fool you. In fact, the vegan-only menu constantly changes with seasonal ingredients, and the pulsing inspiration coming from the kitchen is bound to surprise even the most loyal carnivore. Certified organic ingredients are used to create complex textures and interesting flavours.

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