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Hamburg's best surf & turf restaurants

The perfect places for food's best combination

Experience full indulgence in the cuisine and class of Hamburg's exceptional fish and beef venues. Diversify your plate with the unique taste created by each restaurant - all of which are certain to bring pleasure to your senses of consumption with the menu and vision with the venue.

Jacob’s Restaurant

Pics Louis-C-Jakob TerrasseJacob's Restaurant

The Louis C. Jacob Hotel restaurant is directed by one of the city’s finest chefs. Thomas Martin’s contemporary, light, and almost purist creations bloom to full flower within the stunning ambience of a dining room that features the River Elbe as a backdrop. The excellent menu encompasses several fish entrées of impressive quality - from North Sea halibut to plaice from the tidal flats. Recently, Michelin awarded a much-deserved second star to the chef de cuisine.


meatery 02-Restaurant2Meatery

“Meat and eat seven days a week” in this upscale steak house. Only prime cuts of beef, quality seafood and other fine foods are served in Meatery’s sophisticated ambiance. The beef is from cattle grazed on succulent pastures in Argentina, the US and Europe - where growth hormones and other additives are taboo. It is subjected to signature steak house style dry-aging within a glass-fronted rack in the restaurant itself. After 30 days, the meat becomes wonderfully aromatic and so tender it can be eaten with a spoon. Be sure to try the lobster tail and filet mignon.

Landhaus Scherrer

Landhaus-Scherer RestaurantLandhous Scherrer

Landhaus Scherrer has served as a culinary highlight for this Hanseatic city for over 30 years. This venue’s consummately cosy, rustic charm is as persuasive as its seductive, star-embossed cuisine. While Landhaus Scherrer’s menu is guided by the seasons, the kitchen director is not averse to molecular experimentation. Together with his wife Brigitte, Heinz Wehmann, host and Chef de Cuisine, has created a culinary hideaway that has become part and parcel of the city.

Die Bank

Die-Bank Rest p.-111Die Bank

The brasserie and bar Die Bank is located in a magnificent city palace. Its interior too, a tasteful fusion of traditional and contemporary, is impressive. Taking the reins in the kitchen is Thomas Fischer, the Michelin-starred Executive Chef whose international haute cuisine is at once light and innovative, seasonal and regionally-inspired. The menu features and extensive selection of meat and fish entrées. An oyster bar with just-shucked luxurious oysters is offered daily.

Apples Restaurant

ApplesRestaurantmitChefsTableApples Restaurant

This restaurant’s interiors shine with the splendour of the extravagant materials used. Its mainspring is a large open kitchen equipped with a wood-burning stove and lava grill that can be enjoyed from every part of the room. The products used are largely procured from the surrounding lowland regions - a trout farm in close proximity to Hamburg, for example. Local North Sea island farmers supply meat of unsurpassed quality that literally melts in your mouth.

Atlantic Restaurant

Atlantic-Restaurant 1Atlantic Restaurant

Elegant and hanseatic - the Atlantic restaurant is quintessentially Hamburg. The stylishly furnished dining room, with its picture book view of the Outer Alster Lake, whets the appetite. Thomas Wilken, the restaurant’s kitchen director, has perfect the regionally-inspired classics. Brimming with creativity, he conjures up menus whose resourcefulness divulges an unfettered ambition. And who would pass up an opportunity to eat freshly caught seafood or meat, for example Pommeranian beef, of such exceptional quality.

1 Jacob's Restaurant
2 Meatery
3 Landhaus Scherrer
4 Die Bank
5 Apples Restaurant & Bar
6 Atlantic Restaurant