Jellyfish Restaurant Jellyfish Restaurant

Best seafood restaurants in Hamburg

Cracking the code to Hamburg's most coverted local dish

The only thing more meticulous than the practice of catching good fish is the practice of cooking good fish. Indeed, when it comes to seafood restaurants, there are a lot of fish in the sea. Here are the best seafood spots in Hamburg that will, undoubtedly, have you hooked. 



The unique dishes at one of Hamburg’s most hip fish restaurants are real art - and they almost dispense with cooking altogether. What’s more is that you can enjoy everything here with a good conscience. At Jellyfish, everything that reaches your plate is organic in quality as well as pole-caught and thus compliant with sustainable fishing methods. The changing menu always features seasonal dishes with corresponding wines. Don’t miss the Jellyfish if you are looking for a truly extraordinary culinary experience.

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You don’t just dine at Tarantella, you experience as well. The open kitchen gives this restaurant a very special ambiance where boredom doesn’t have a chance in the lively atmosphere. If you want to relax, check out the spectacular summer terrace. Gourmets will always get their money’s worth for brunch, lunch or dinner while a very choice selection of wines complements the fare at Tarantella. Be sure not to miss this establishment’s outstanding homemade sausage and pâté creations.

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Le Canard

le-canard-dinnerLe Canard

Le Canard, located on Elbchaussee, embraces exclusive Mediterranean cuisine with an Oriental accent. It is outstandingly executed by Chef de Cuisine Ali Güngörmüs and his team. Both in terms of ambiance and food, there is a focus on what is essential at Le Canard. In other words, the coursers are straightforward, masterly prepared and served without unnecessary flourishes. An added benefit in the summer is the lovely outdoor dining area that directly overlooks the Elbe River. 

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Bistro am Fleet - Steigenberger Hotel

SteigenbergerBistro am Fleet

If hunger overcomes you at midday and you’re looking for a nice, cosy place to sit for an excellent meal, consider the light-suffused Steigenberger Hotel Bistro. Light, aromatic cuisine with Mediterranean influences is also served for business lunches on the lovely summer terrace.

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1 Jellyfish
2 Tarantella
3 Le Canard
4 Steigenberger Hotel