A michelin star restaurant with a Mediterranean flavour, oh and it's in a castle. Sound tempting?

Fragrant fragrances grace the shelves of Hamburg's Meister-Parfumerie. What will you take home with you?

The ultimate pick of Hamburg's top restaurants when it comes to choosing your poison. Will it be meat or fish this evening?

It may be little by name but it is definitely awesome by nature. Visit this delightful Franco-German fusion restaurant for a little bit of love.

Come to the Meat Market prepared to feast your eyes, and stomachs, on the most delicious cuts in the city.

A fine blend of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine, Izakaya gives a new flavour to the diners of Hamburg.

Go back in time to a more regal period at the Wonhalle bar in Hamburg.

Take a pit stop for some tea and cake at this cosy Hamburg patisserie.

This watering hole is renowned, in Hamburg, for its relaxed atmosphere and exquisite beverages.

Let's be honest, everybody loves to people watch. In Hamburg you can do it in style in our list of go to spots.