Become apart of Hamburg's own fashion that will recreate the style that you have been dreaming of.

Appreciate the unique flavors that Hamburg has for you to enjoy. 

Discover the urban beaches in Hamburg. Enjoy the drinks, food and night life that Hamburg's hidden gems have. 

There’s more than just a stunning harbour to Hamburg and as such, this one is especially packed with multicultural influences at every corner.  You are in for a treat when it to comes to picking up quirky and one of a kind holiday gifts from one of these local boutiques.

The German’s have a saying that goes, “Eat breakfast like an emperor, lunch like a King and dinner like a beggar” and you will definitely be eating like an Emperor wherever you choose to dine in Hamburg. With a rich seafood culture, thanks to the fresh produce straight from the River Elbe, and hundred of international restaurants; you will really be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking up the phone to make a reservation. Below we have picked two of our favorites; to help you along in creating a culinary experience to remember.

No city break to Hamburg would be complete without a spot of shopping. What better way to pass some free time than perusing the shops and finding that must have item. Just like other European cities, Hamburg is no exception to the rule, with exclusive home grown talent cropping up over the city to play with all the senses. 

A michelin star restaurant with a Mediterranean flavour, oh and it's in a castle. Sound tempting?

Fragrant fragrances grace the shelves of Hamburg's Meister-Parfumerie. What will you take home with you?

The ultimate pick of Hamburg's top restaurants when it comes to choosing your poison. Will it be meat or fish this evening?

It may be little by name but it is definitely awesome by nature. Visit this delightful Franco-German fusion restaurant for a little bit of love.