Red Cross Museum Red Cross Museum

How to Spend Rainy Days in Geneva

Places to escape in Geneva when it’s cold and wet outside.

Red Cross Museum

This amazing museum is so engrossing that it’s worth visiting even on the sunniest of days. It’s a moving testament to the best that mankind can achieve, though sadly usually as a result of the worst mankind can do. The Red Cross was the creation of a local man, Henri Dunant, and its story is well told here with interactive displays and modern visuals. It would take a hard heart not to be affected by some of the exhibits but the Red Cross itself provides the silver lining in every case. Closed on Mondays.

Red Cross Museum 3Red Cross

United Nations

The heart of international Geneva is the starkly beautiful Palais des Nations, home to the European HQ of the United Nations. Originally built to house the ill-fated League of Nations, the art deco building can only be visited on a guided tour. There’s usually a wait to go through security but it’s worth it to see the striking interior and learn about the workings of the UN. Bring picture ID with you. Closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

UN Geneve TourismeUnited Nations Geneve

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Patek Philippe Museum

An incomparable collection of timepieces through the ages from the earliest pocket watches through to today’s epitomes of luxury. These intricately beautiful works of art might leave you open-mouthed in wonder and every shade of green with envy. You’ll never look at your own watch in the same way again. Closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Patek Museum 1 Arnaud ChildericPatek Philippe Museum

1 Red Cross Museum
2 Palais de Nations
3 Patek Phillipe Museum