You ever wonder what it feels like to taste the South American cuisine in Switzerland? Here is a restaurant for you to explore.

by Carla Projansky

Embark on a flavourful voyage with Cecilia Zapata, the passionately self-taught chef of this Peruvian gastronomy restaurant, as she reinterprets her ancestral recipes using inventive, modern techniques. You will find skillfully wrought seafood and tender, slow-cooked meats perfumed with the spices and flavors of the Andes, with fresh coriander, Peruvian herbs, and exotic fruits from Peru and the Amazon, all presented with beautiful style and attention to detail. Enjoy a Pisco Sour apéritif.

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Pachacamac Restaurant

11 rue Voltaire 1201 Genève

+41 (0)22 735 76 15

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