Geneva: Al Fresco Dining For Summer

Summer has arrived. If you're in Geneva, why not enjoy it to its full outside in one of our favourite al fresco restaurants?

by Diccon Bewes

 Le Jardin

Le Jardin 4

Right in the heart of Geneva is this calm oasis of elegance and fine cuisine. Aptly called Le Jardin, it faces the green of Brunswick Gardens, making this one of the best places to eat outdoors without having to leave the city. Chef Philippe Bourel takes pride in using very local products to bring the best of Switzerland to your plate. For example, order the perch fillets and you’ll be eating fish caught by Fabrice Christinat, one of 21 fishermen on Lake Geneva. Now that’s local!

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Auberge du Lion d’Or


Sitting on the terrace looking out over the glittering lake and hazy hills, it’s easy to forget that you’re only a few minutes from the centre of Geneva. Almost as remarkable are the two chefs here, Gilles Dupont and Tommy Byrne, who together conjure up something magically memorable.

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Le Creux-de-Genthod

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Ten minutes along the lakeshore from the city is this delightful restaurant with a spacious terrace that looks out over the water and the bobbing boats. Ideal for that al fresco meal, in the shade to escape the midday sun or to sit out and relax on a warm summery evening.

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