Geneva's ultimate guide to Asian food

Authentic Asian cuisine beckons in snowy Switzerland this winter with exotic flavours, daring concepts and warming ingredients 

Being the international hub that it is, Geneva has a culinary to beat its larger competitors. In recent years a number of oriental restuarant openings in the city mean the Asian food scene is booming. If you're after haute cuisine, innovative dining or comforting spices to warm you up on cold winter's day, then a pick from our list of the best Asian dinners in town will have even the most discerning of foodies smiling with glee.



While first-time visitors will without doubt be enchanted by the amazing view from Izumi, located on the upper floors of Hotel des Bergues in downtown Geneva, regulars here keep coming back for the excellent cuisine on a par with award-winning venues in Tokyo. The Nikkei fusion menu highlights the freshest sashimi, sushi, and signature dishes such as shrimp and coriander yakimeshi. Tuck into sizzling hot shiitake and enoki tempura, and be sure to save room for the Suntory Whisky Cappuccino dessert.

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Rasoi by Vineet


If you ever get tired of classic Swiss cuisine during your visit, Indian restaurant Rasoi by Vineet, just two minutes from downtown Geneva, is the place to go. Holder of one Michelin star, this venue showcases all that is best in Indian food: the colours, spices and traditions. Tandoori specialities are not to be missed, while the wide-ranging menu offers tiger prawns, lobsters and crab, in addition to classic ingredients like chicken and lamb.

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Le Thai

le-thaiLe Thai

With fresh ingredients flown in from Thailand, Le Thai is as authentic as it gets in Geneva. The crowds of people here provide an indication of the popularity of this exotic cuisine not just in Switzerland but all over world. Whether you are seated in the more intimate first floor room or in the spacious second floor interior, you will be able to savour the delectable and healthy cuisine. As well as green and red curries, the spicy fish and other specialties are well worth trying.

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73ee7a 56813d42d425e8405eb5c7b78cf2b55e.jpg srz 980 621 85 22 0.50 1.20 0Typical Korean Dish by K-Pub

Located in the heart of Geneva, K-Pub brings Korea to you in a warm and homey atmosphere. Koreans are big believers on health benefits good diets bring. The restaurant exploit the natural foods to reach its best taste using minimum added artificial ingredients with all their offerings. You will discover the best traditional and most authentic Korean food with K-Pub.

Jeck’s Place

JecksSingapore Dish by Jeck's

It is hard to find a typical Singapore restaurant anywhere you go but it surely is one that you cannot miss. Luckily, Jeck’s Place offers a vast range of Singapore kitchen. Singapore is the nation of diners from all over the world, they created their unique cuisine using amazing varieties of aromas and spicy flavors which accurately reflect the various racial origins of today’s Singapore. The restaurant combines the many styles of Chinese cooking completed with the rich spices of the Malays, Indians and the delicate touch of Thai food.



What is a list of Asian cuisine without Chinese food? Jiawei is the only restaurant in Geneva that serves fresh noodles in the style of different regions in China. You will appreciate their fresh noodle specialties served in soup or fried style. If you are not a big fan of noodles, Jiawei also has great selection of dim sum and classic Chinese dishes that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

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1 Le Thai
2 Rasoi by Vineet
3 Izumi
4 Jiawei
5 Jeck's Place
6 K-Pub