Top five Swiss chocolate shops in Geneva

Get a taste of Switzerland's best chocolate in Geneva.

Swiss chocolate is known all over the world for its high quality, so when in Geneva a trip to a confiserie to sample this national treasure should not be missed. Here, in no particular order, are five of the city's best spots...

1) Confiserie Arn

Chocolates from Confiserie Am

This chocolate shop is well worth a visit for its Place du Bourg-de-Four location, a beautiful square where you can enjoy Confiserie Arn’s sweets with a cup of tea or its famous hot chocolate.

Specialities include chocolate bars, such as dark chocolate with orange, 40 types of pralines, truffles and champagne truffles, as well as an amazing selection of savoury and sweet specialities with which you can enjoy a delicious light meal. The tea room is open every day, while the shop is closed on Sundays. LUXOS Recommends: Plaque Grand Cru, a classic chocolate bar.

Place du Bourg-de-Four, 12, 1204, Geneva, Tel. +41 (0)22 3104 094,

2) Favarger

Favarger's chocolate shop

Seven generations of the Favarger family have been making chocolate since 1826. They first opened a factory on the island on the Rhône river, using hydraulic energy to power their machinery.

Today, they perform the entire chocolate-making process in-house: selecting the cocoa beans, roasting, grinding and blending them, crafting the chocolates, and packaging them. You can see the exquisite results of their dedication at their shop on Quai des Bergues, very close to the island on which the company was founded. LUXOS Recommends: Avelines, a sumptuous blend of chocolate and hazelnuts.

Quai des Bergues, 19, 1201, Geneva, Tel. +41 (0)22 7381 826,

3) Du Rhône Chocolatier

Du Rhône Chocolatier shop front

Monsieur Pertuiset founded his chocolaterie at number 2, Rue du Rhône in 1875. Soon after, demand for his pralines was so high that his Belle Epoque customers caused countless traffic jams with their horse-drawn carriages. Later in history, some of the maison's precious recipes were stolen, and from then on, have locked up in a safe.

The chocolaterie has become a favourite with visitors, including high profile personalities in history such as Grace Kelly, Yul Brynner and Winston Churchill. LUXOS Recommends: Moccas glacés, the house speciality.

Rue de la Confédération, 3, 1211, Geneva, Tel. +41 (0)22 3115 614,

4) Teuscher

Teuscher champagne truffles

Dolf Teuscher began making chocolates over 70 years ago. Today it still uses the finest natural ingredients to craft chocolates that are exported worldwide. Over 100 varieties of chocolates using original recipes have been handed down over the generations.

Visit them and taste their specialities at the Geneva boutique, open from Monday to Saturday. There are also two shops in Zurich - one on Bahnhofstrasse 109 and the flagship on Storchengasse 9, located in a building dating back to 1647. LUXOS Recommends: Truffes au Champagne.

Rue du Rhone, 2, 1204, Geneva, Tel. +41 (0)22 3108 778,

5) Auer Chocolatier

Auer Chocolatier chocolates

This is one of the oldest chocolate shops in Geneva. Opened by Henri Auer in 1939, it is still a family-run business with Philippe Auer at the helm today. Henri created one of the signature products, Pavé Glacé of Geneva, in 1940.

All the specialities of the maison are made by hand, using chocolate with a high cocoa content. Its black truffles are hand-coated, which is hard to find nowadays. Another speciality are its Ganaches, which have a pralines and cream centre with chocolate coating. The Grenoble version is topped with half a walnut. LUXOS Recommends: Hand-made truffles and the famous Amandes Princesses.

Auer Chocolatier SA, Rue De Rive, 4, 1204, Geneva, Tel. +41 (0)22 3114 286,

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