Swiss dining that caters to everyone's taste. 

When the sky falls is when the good cheers at Le Verre a Monique start to dance. Get here before the locals take all the seats!

Sit back, relax and make friends as you drink and dance to the best scenics of Geneva.

Bottles and corkscrews are best brothers, so are you and this cocktail bar.

The craving for fine Asian cuisine can happen anytime, and Izumi is right here for you when it happens

Burgers and chicken sandwiches, nothing spells U.S.A. more vividly than Inglewood Burgers.

You ever wonder what it feels like to taste the South American cuisine in Switzerland? Here is a restaurant for you to explore.

Bite in the fresh air of the lakeside park's and the even fresher Lake Leman cuisine here at Parc des Eaux-vives

Elegantly defined in its name, Restaurant Bayview brings the classic French repertoire to your table facing the most amazing view of the Leman Bay.

In the sunset over the Jura Mountains into the lake, Auberge du Lion d’Or Cologny is here to impress the culinary connisseur and the travel enthusiast.