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Things To Do In Frankfurt

From it's towering skyline to the historical monuments and winding river, a day exploring Frankfurt could be all you need when you take our LUXOS guide with you.

by Andriana Hambi

 Frankfurt is an underestimated yet impressive place for a weekend break. That being said, it is one of the most desireable cities to live and work in the world. Let us guide you to the top 3 things to do in this wonderful German city.

 Visit the Old Opera


Located in the city centre close to the well-known and exclusive shopping mile (Goethestraße), the Old Opera is worth a look not only for its impressive Renaissance architecture, as it also hosts more than 400 events during the year, including an amazing classical music program. Classic music stars from all over the world come every year to Frankfurt to perform to people of all ages–- a fantastic musical experience even for those who have not listened to classical music before.

Stroll through the old Brückenviertel


Just five minutes away from the river Main you will find the Brückenviertel. Small designer shops and boutiques have found their place here, far away from the mainstream inner city. If you are looking for something special, handcrafted and individual you'll find it here. People in this area are very welcoming and will tell you everything you’d like to know. They’re proud of their craft and happy when you’re having a good time. Frankfurt’s best Cider bars are also located in this corner.

Seven Swans & The Tiny Cup


Frankfurt’s slimmest building with seven floors is worth a look in itself, but inside you’ll find something even more special. At only 17 square metres, The Tiny Cup boasts a really cosy atmosphere just waiting for you to relax and enjoy some good drinks. Later, venture upstairs and find the Seven Swans Restaurant with fresh, authentic and seasonal creative cuisine, with wines you’re surely to have never had before. “First come, first serve” is the motto, but maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones.

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