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The Städel Museum The Städel Museum

Frankfurt's best museums

A history of architectural and artistic greatness, academic supremacy and financial prosperity have helped the Germans obtain one of the most fascinating museum scenes in the world

Gain an insight into some of the most interesting cultural epochs in Frankfurt's museums. Admire art from old and new ages at the Städel Institute or learn about German history from the middle ages to modern day at the Film Museum. Each of our picks tailors to various ages and interests ensuring fun for all.

Städel Art Museum

A world-class art collection located on the Museum Embankment, with 600 sculptures and 2700 paintings from the Middle Ages to the present. Host to regular special exhibitions. www.staedelmuseum.de



The exhibition hall with its prime location on the Main Island is worth a visit for its architecture alone. Inside, you can enjoy fine works of contemporary art. www.portikus.de

German Film Museum

german film museum a110811German Film Museum

The permanent exhibition presents film from its beginnings to modernity on two floors. The museum boasts interactive displays in an effort to showcase the intricate procedures of filmmaking and the experience of the cinema. www.deutsches-filminstitut.de

Money Museum

geldmuseum 01Money Museum

What makes money valuable? Why do we use it as currency? What is the Central Bank? Find answers while exploring the beautiful space, as well as the interesting coin collection. www.bundesbank.de

1 Städel Art Museum
2 Portikus
3 German Film Museum
4 Money Museum