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Frankfurt: a cultural city guide

An essential guide to Frankfurt's cultural scene, from coffee to poetry and history

Experience the culture of Frankfurt in serene cafès, at worldly festivals and in historic museums. A sophistocated mix, these destinations are ideal for the aesthic-appreciating individual.

Kaffeewerk Espressionist

kaffeewerkKaffeewerk Espressionist

At Kaffeewerk Espressionist, coffee is not only seen a hot beverage but also a cultural asset. You can feel that in the atmosphere and taste it in every cup. And while you sit here, indulge in daydreams or meet friends in this lively blend - where you can enjoy your drink with a clear conscience. Everything is fair trade!

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The oriental flair with a modern twist of MokkaTeeria feels just like a fairytale from The Arabian Nights, and this is also how it smells when you enter: exotic spices and a fantastic authentic mocha. Apart from the latter, they also service delicious oriental and German sweets from their bakery.

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Between July 22nd and August 7th, the open space at the Main river transforms into a surreal dream for the Frankfurt Sommerwerft, an international theatre festival with music, dance, performance art, theatre, film and poetry. In the evening, you’ll find especially impressive performances that play with illumination and shadows.

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Museum Judengasse

MJ 3 Blick in die Ausstellung Bilder in der JudengasseMuseum Judengasse

The museum Judengasse reopened recently, in March this year, completely refurnished. It beautifully brings history into your reach with the help of modern media. There's a focus on Jewish literature and music, once an important part of the city's vibrant cultural life. The museum also looks back at the darkest period of German history.

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1 Kaffeewerk Espressionist
2 Mokkateeria
3 Sommerwerft
4 Museum Judengasse