The Finest Purchases In Frankfurt Featured

When the passion for a product nurtures absolute quality, make your purchase in one of these Frankurt boutiques.

by Susanne Wess

Parfümerie Albrecht

Pafumerie Albrecht 02

In the Orient, the fine fragrance oud is used to cleanse body and mind. For Buddha it was the ‘scent of Nirvana.’ At its highest quality, the essence made from resins taken from the noble tree is more expensive than gold. Today this sensual scent is also popular in the West. In Germany, the Albrecht perfumery offers the widest selection of valuable oud fragrances.

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Bike Boutique Frankfurt

Bikeboutique 02

Exclusive products such as small manufacturer Schindelhauer’s unique cycles with their distinctive wheels and frames, high-quality city e-bikes such as the powerful precision machines by Swiss company Stromer, or three-wheel bikes by young Copenhagen bikesmiths Butchers & Bicycles – at the Bike Boutique Frankfurt, the choice of a bicycle becomes an inspiring shopping experience.

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Stephan Görner Maßatelier

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Clothes define people. The Frankfurt tailor follows this dictum with the collections ‘Stephan Görner Green Label’ and ‘Stephan Görner Gold Label,’ not only making exclusive clothing and ceremonial garments for men and women, but also stocks products by renowned shoe manufacturers such as Trickers, Handmacher and Prime Shoes, and men's accessories, from ties to valuable cufflinks. The objective is creating the perfect outfit, from head to toe.

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Legendary brands such as Lamborghini, McLaren and Aston Martin, private classic car collections, workshops for bodywork restoration shops and engine overhauls: everything needed to make the hearts of automotive fans beat faster.

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