Frankfurt Deutsches Architektur Museum Frankfurt Deutsches Architektur Museum

10 things you need to know about Frankfurt

 Get acquainted with Germany's gilded metropolis, a centre of European modernity and sophistication

The sharp skyscrapers of Frankfurt stab into the sky with a distinctive excellence; capitalising the exquisite nature of a suave city. Below, the city streets flow in a unique direction of their own - winding through the many facets that accumulate to Frankfurt’s nuanced personality. For a glimpse into one of the world’s most luxurious destinations, here are 10 things you need to know before you go.

Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Frankfurt Stock ExchangeFrankfurt Stock Exchange

Located in Frankfurt’s financial district, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange – also known as Frankfurter Börse – is one of the largest trading markets in Germany. OPen from 8am - 8pm on trade days.

City Hall

Roemer2 front largeRömer City Hall

The Römer has been Frankfurt’s city hall for over 600 years. With medieval architecture, The building is one of the city’s most cherished, most important destinations.


Frankfurt is estimated to home over 180 different nationalities in its population, making it a worldly city with a variety of diversity and taste.

Botanical Garden


In a place that’s known for its beauty, Frankfurt exceeds expectations with its Botanical Garden, which is the largest botanical garden in Germany. The garden’s beauty is maintained by the Goethe University and is open daily from 9-6pm.

Main River

Frankfurt skyline with river Main - Germany - March 25th 2012Main River

Flowing through the German states of Bavaria, Baten–Württenberg, and Hesse, the Main River is a magnificent sight. In addition, the river’s banks are flooded with various markets and venues, making the Main River a great place to shop or eat.


Phoenicopterus chilensis at the Frankfurt ZooFrankfurt Zoological Garden

Founded in 1858, the Frankfurt Zoological Garden is the city’s primary zoo, and the second oldest zoo in Germany. Featuring over 4500 animals across 510 different species, the zoo provides for a very intriguing visit.


Frankfurt Am Main-St Bartholomaeus-Ansicht vom Nextower-20110812Cathedral of Saint Bartholomew

Located in the heart of the city is the Frankfurt Cathedral, known formally as the Cathedral of Saint Bartholomew. The Roman, Catholic, gothic Church is a divine memento of history - blessing Frankfurt with its towering, timeless presence.


Deutsches Filmmuseum objektpraesentationGerman Film Museum

With museums like the German Film Museum, Museum of Modern Art, and the German Architecture Museum, Frankfurt boasts in its creative culture. Marvel at the interesting collections these museums offer, along with the other numerous museums of the city.

Night Scene

nightlife Rotlichviertel Frankfurt MainRotlichviertel Frankfurt Main

Blend with the buzzing blur of Frankfurt’s night scene. With bars and clubs that differentiate in formal, alternative, and festive styles, the city forms as a charming companion to any patron of the night.


Frankfurt Skyline Plaza.Sudost.20140508Skyline Plaza

Shop tax-free in the city’s tasteful plazas. Exploding with an array of elegant brands and fashions, Frankfurt’s shopping districts are a must for the connoisseur of style.