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Frankfurt's best bars

Luxurious bars that deliver a proper buzz and atmosphere

It's easy to sip smoothly when you're in bars like Frankfurt's - where the smokey nostalgia of past days exists with fantasies of the future in authentic and abstract design. With liquor as crisp as the venues, Frankfurt exhibits both class and delivery in the service of its local bars. 


Steigenberger-Frankfurter-Hof Autorenbar p.120Autorenbar

The Autorenbar, or ‘Writers Bar,’ at Hotel Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof owes its name to the many writers and publishers who meet here each autumn for the book fair to exchange ideas. But even outside of Frankfurt’s book fair the Autorenbar enjoys an outstanding reputation. Traditional English High Tea is served here in the afternoon which cocktail classics are the drink of choice in the evenings. The dark, club-like bar is a wonderful place to absorb both drinks and the great atmosphere. www.steigenberger.com

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Gekkos Bar

gekkos Frankfurt p.121Gekkos Bar

Gekkos Bar, established in 2010, is a haven for lovers of American whiskey (bourbon and rye) and classic, time-tested cocktails from the 1880s through the Prohibition era. Guests may also educate their absinthe palette at Gekkos, which features a wide selection of French, Swiss and German absinthe served traditional style with an absinthe fountain for the perfect louch effect. In 2011, the bartending team was designated ‘Best Bar Team’ at the Mixology Bar Awards, the supreme bar prize within the German-speaking countries. www.gekkos-bar.com

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Jimmy’s Bar

Jimmys-Bar2 p.121Jimmy's Bar

Frankfurt’s legendary establishment is celebrating an anniversary: Jimmy’s Bar has been around for 60 years. A class venue that draw guests from in and around Frankfurt, as well as the whole world, Jimmy’s is loved for its heavy leather armchairs, wood-panelled walls and pleasant piano music that reach far into the morning hours. First-rate drinks served by entertaining barkeepers are de rigueur. The bar, at the luxury hotel Hessischer Hof is open every day until 4 a.m. Kitchen service is available until 3 a.m. www.hessischer-hof.de

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JFK’s Bar

JFKs-Bar p.122JFK's Bar

A great night can be kick-started with great style by means of a cocktail from the pros at JFK’s Bar, which is fast becoming legendary around Frankfurt. Against an elegant background, Bar Manager Krischan Knoll and his team skilfully mix classic cocktails, their own special creations and long drinks. Of course, connoisseurs of wine and champagne won’t be disappointed by the well-stocked barroom. A live DJ spins music on Fridays and Saturdays to conjure up some high-spirited fun for al. “Cheers,” and the night is yours! www.roccofortehotels.com/jfk-bar

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Kane & Abel

kane-abel-04-01Kane & Abel

With Kane & Abel, Frankfurt boasts yet another VIP club. Its design is uncompromisingly modern and futuristic with golden corner booths and a floor that is lit up by countless LEDs. The club is set in motion for open-ended fun beginning at 11 p.m. from Thursday to Saturday. High spirits prevail on Thursday nights when the karaoke machine is cranked up high. Fridays and Saturdays witness a quaking dance floor and disc-spinning DJs. The exacting, upmarket audience expects good drinks and a high-end sound system. www.kane-and-abel.com

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Roomer’s Bar

roomers bar 03 p.123Roomer's Bar

Carefully planned right down to the last detail, the bar of the designer hotel ‘Roomers’ is every bit as stylish as the hotel. Subdued lighting from unusual chandeliers, elegantly upholstered corner seating units and the bar counter, which is positioned in the middle of the room, create a special ambience. The bar serves complimentary appetizers for the traditional pre-meal drink, or aperitivo, from 5 to 9 p.m. daily. Or enjoy a handcrafted cocktail on one of the futuristic patio seats. Plus point: lovely dishes are served throughout. www.roomers-frankfurt.com

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