The delicious cuisine of Frankfurt will make you never want to leave. Enjoy the exquisite restaurants that are recommended here below. 

For haute cuisine in Frankfkurt, the Krongberg restaurant is the only place to dine.

Everybody loves dinner with a view. At the top of Frankfurt's Main Tower you can take in a panoramic of the whole city.

Sensorial excellence, from haute cuisine to restaurants located high in the sky, Frankfurt is sure to wow on your next trip.


Tea is the order of the days at this speciality shop.

You'll love the local neighbourhood feeling, tucked away and uber local. 

This café in the old city centre might well be a point of many returns during your visit.

 No matter the season, sometime after lunch and in between museum visits, stroll over to these charming locals for good conversation and a wholesome cup of tea.

Being Germany's financial capital means that Frankfurt is buzzing with people all year round. With so many fantastic things to do and see you are bound to get hungry. We've picked our fave happening places for you to satisfy your hunger and take in the best parts of the city.

An indigenous Frankfurt tiger, a dear friend and some ivory, special dining experiences in one of Germany's Gourmet capitals.