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12 Hours in Florence Featured

A more eclectic guide to your day trip in Florence.

by LUXOS Editorial

If you ever needed a reason to visit the city of Florence during spring, you might first take inspiration by Italian Renaissance painter Sandro Botticelli’s masterpiece “Primavera” among the greatest works at the Uffizi Museum in Florence. It serves as an iconic reminder that this is just one of the many cultural jewels that lies within this shoebox-sized city. As the weather quickly warms up, we implore you to stimulate your own creative side with our list of curated, offbeat suggestions.

Your Morning: Breakfast at Caffé Lietta

New kid on the block, Caffé Lietta, in Piazza della Libertà is a stunning French-style bistro, the design-friendly brainchild of Francesca and Lucilla Tacconi, daughters of Lietta Cavalli otherwise known as fashion favourite Roberto Cavalli’s sister. They specialize in homemade pastries and fabulous Tuscan light lunch options in one light-filled, plush space that offers customers a chance for a sweet break. We also love the floral corner offering affordable bouquets and organic “sweet” body scrubs. Since you'll conveniently be in Piazza della Libertà, take advantage of the scenery and Porta San Gallo throughout the morning.

florence caffe lietta©Caffé Lietta

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Your Afternoon: Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

While Florence is famous for its leather markets, there is much more to shop. Located on a bustling corner of the historic centre, Design Bottega is where you’ll find unique design gifts, home accessories, artwork, wallpapers and decor for your family’s lifestyle in one fabulous concept store that seeks to be a meeting point for parents and children. Owner and former interior designer Daisy Diaz takes inspiration from her family’s world travels to bring original products and collaborations to her bottega on Via Il Prato.

florence design bottega©Design Bottega

After you've had your design fix, it's time for fashion, and you'll want to head to New Kid. Rachel, Letizia and dog Reggie are the masterminds behind this new shopping destination that includes designers and makers of footwear, clothing and accessories, all made in Tuscany. They are fiercely dedicated to sourcing local materials with the help of a network of small family-run businesses.

florence new kid

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Your Night: Cocktails and a Fabulous Dinner 

Kick off a great night with cocktails at the fashionable Gurdulù – named for Italo Calvino’s The Nonexistent Knight in the heart of the Santo Spirito neighborhood. Bartender Cristina Bini is one of the best at her craft, a must try is her Florence 66: Champagne, grapefruit juice and Alkermes elixir. After drinks, wander to Osteria Personale. This slick restaurant in San Frediano is the brainchild of Matteo Fantini in the city’s hippest neighborhood. The minimalist décor is accented with wall-mounted blackboards displaying simple chalk diagrammes of plates offered. Go for the eclectic tasting menu offering modern adaptations of Tuscany’s traditional flavors.

 florence gurdulu eerGurdulù 

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