LUXOS Insider: 24 Hours in Florence Featured

Join LUXOS’ Rakelle Maurici on how to explore the romantic Tuscan city in 24 hours.

Always in high regard as one of the world’s most beautiful cities, Florence’s well trodden streets have gracefully kept their charm and heritage that even the most contemporary travellers will feel like they’ve stepped into a scene of a renaissance drama series.
While this treasure has a plethora of beautiful architecture to humbly show off; given that Florence is such a walkable city that even within 24 hours you can explore the lesser known stradas, locales and boutiques. In amongst the fruit stands, the old men having a heated political discussion and the passersby you can see something at every street corner.

Breakfast at Finisterrae

Italians like to start their day with a simple breakfast; a cappuccino and a brioche at the banco and they’re off with their day, or la dolce vita as they like to call it. However if you prefer to soak up the views and people watch for a little while; Finisterrae in Santa Croce has an unbeatable location with stunning views. You’ll be spoilt for choice at this Europe meets US breakfast spot; with a selection of juices, coffees and culturally diverse delicacies.

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Secret Rose Garden

For a tranquil morning; bask under the Tuscan sun at The Secret Rose Garden. Enjoy the quietness away from the crowds in this extraordinary haven; home to a collection of roses, lemon trees, and a unique Japanese garden. Covering around one hectare of land giving you a panoramic view of the city, this land beautifully represents it’s twin city of Kyoto.

Giardino delle rose firenze veduta

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Cafe Gilli

Florence’s oldest bar, Café Gilli has been serving coffee since 1733 and is always buzzing with stylish aficionados enjoying an espresso or cold spritz. With a central location, classic interiors and dapper baristas you can take a seat on the terrace outside, have a bite to each for lunch, people watch and take in the architecture around you. Albeit if you don’t manage to do that their window displays are filled with sweet treats to gaze over.

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Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella

Home to many age-old buildings; the world’s longest operating pharmacy exists in this ancient city too. Located a stone's throw from the Santa Maria Novella, this Officina Profumo Farmaceutica has been serving it’s pharmaceuticals for over 800 years. Though many practices are no longer on site, you can appreciate the beautiful glass bottles and the scent of essential oils against the renaissance interiors that were once frequented by monks. If you don't go home with a small purchase you can have a healthy treat at the cafe in the back of the store.

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Sei Divino

What trip to Italy is complete without wine-ding down at a local enoteca? Sei Divino has adopted style, passion and taste in it’s interior as well as with their food and drink. With a vintage feel, this locale houses a vespa as part of the decoration and not forgetting their extensive wine list that will have even the wine connoisseurs amongst us feeling indecisive. If wine isn’t your thing you don’t have to skip this establishment, the garnish topped spritz, salumi selection and not to mention the scent of the fresh flowers at the bar will entice you.

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