Florence's artisan perfume makers Aquaflor

Florence's artisan perfume makers

Our selection of Florence’s excellent artisan perfume makers...

Florence, surrounded by rolling hills and fragrant Cypress trees, is a city that not only looks stunning but also smells wonderful too. And it is well known that certain smells can be unique and powerful reminders for the brain, triggering memories and even influencing moods.

So what better way to ensure that the rolling Tuscan hills stay with you wherever you are, than by visiting Florence’s excellent artisan perfume makers...


Behind an unassuming entrance is a world of olfactory art to be discovered in all its complexity at Aquaflor. The heart of the boutique is the Parlor of Essences which boasts over 1,500 single scents, the starting point of every incredibly fragrant journey.

Via Borgo Santa Croce 6, 50122 Florence, Tel. +39 055 2343 471, www.florenceparfum.it

Dr. Vranjes

Why shouldn’t your home smell as good as you do? Florentine home fragrance brand Dr. Vranjes has a scent for every room from the bathroom and kitchen, to the bedroom and living room. You will never look at your living space the same again after a whiff.

Borgo La Croce 44/r, 50121 Florence, Tel. +39 055 241 748, drvranjes.it

Dr Vranjes

l’Ó Profumo

This innovative perfumer breaks away from tradition to create an exclusive collection that challenges the way you perceive scents. Each scent is available as an eau de parfum and room fragrance to suit your mood.

Via Pietrapiana 44/r, 50121 Florence, Tel. +39 055 2639 657, loprofumo.com

Santa Maria Novella

Officina Profumo-Farmaceutico di Santa Maria Novella’s beginnings date back as far as 1212, when Dominican monks began producing potions for their fellow monks. Today this beautiful 400 year old pharmacy sells cosmetics and toiletries made following ancient traditions with the addition of new technologies. A joy for the senses and a glimpse of Florentine past from a different dimension.

Via della Scala, 16, Florence, 50123, Tel. +39 055 216 276, www.smnovella.it

Santa Maria Novella

Pitti Immagine

The organisation behind Pitto Uomo, the famous men’s fashion fair, is running the international fragrance fair Pitti Fragranze in September hosting 250 of the globe’s most prestigious scent-makers. Get blindfolded and put your olfactory skills to test in an experience that will promise to be, well, a nose-opener.

11-13 September (but only open to the public 12 September), Stazione Leopolda, Viale Fratelli Rosselli, 5, 50144, Florence, www.pittimmagine.com

Pitti Fragranze

1 Aquaflor
2 Dr. Vranjes
3 l'Ó Profumo
4 Santa Maria Novella
5 Pitti Fragranze (11-13 September)