Florentine Sensory Summer Dining

Dining in Florence doesn't need to be just about bistecca, discover our favourite summer dining spots.

by Georgette Jupe

BSJ: Borgo San Jacopo

With stunning views over the Arno River, Borgo San Jacopo is a voyage to elite Italian and Tuscan cuisine under the helm of starred chef Peter Brunel in an elegant setting just across the Arno. The tasting menu is where Brunel truly shines, seasonal lovers will appreciate the new ‘Ortaggi’ – not a simple vegetarian menu but an intricate way to highlight some of the most popular vegetable in a dish through roots, bulbs, tubers, leaves, flowers, stems and fruits.

Il Conte camillo Negroni e chips bitter al Campari


Osteria dell’Enoteca

The latest endeavour of the locally-renowned Enoteca Pitti Gola e Cantina team, Osteria dell’Enoteca offers an elegant ambiance to dine on Tuscan food perfectly paired with traditional Italian wines under the helm of Chef Nicola Chiappi on Via Romana. Besides the bistecca (steak) menu, comfort food meets elegant charm this Spring/Summer with a seasonal menu featuring items such as anchovies served with citrus compound butter, tortellini filled with fava beans and pecorino and a succulent zucchini flan topped with a pecorino cream.

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La Leggenda dei Frati

Adjacent to 17th century Villa Bardini, on a sumptuous terrace over-looking Florence, Michelin-starred “Legend of Friars” is a distinguished address to try some of the city’s best multi-sensory seasonal cuisine by husband and wife team Ombretta and Filippo Saporito. Greens are plucked from the villa’s own vegetable patch nestled among waterfalls and fruit trees in the Bardini garden. To get the best out of the experience, choose between several tasting menus where every platter is a gourmet visual work of art.

Spaghetti Grani antichi alla chitarra

Ristorante al 588

Florence is beautiful but sometimes it pays to hop in a car and escape to a quaint farmhouse in the surrounding hills, and Ristorante al 588 gives you more than just one gourmet reason to “get outta town.” Chef Andrea Perini is a show-stopping chef who offers a refreshingly creative take on Tuscan cuisine, using the on-site vegetable garden for his latest inspirational platters; try the farro fagottini filled with bufala cheese decorated with rose petals, fresh ricotta flakes on a bed of cherry, zucchini cream.


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