Florence's Fusion Restaurants Featured

Check out some of Florence's fantastic fusion restaurants this autumn/winter.

by Georgette Jupe


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Florentine restaurateur Fabio Picchi is back with a new Tuscan-Asian fusion restaurant in the ‘Bermuda triangle’ of foodie glory tucked away in a small space with 16 seats in the Sant’Ambrogio neighbourhood. After falling in love with a restaurant in Kyoto in the ‘80s, he manages to merge the east with the west, with a tasting menu bent on showing an evolution of flavours, exquisite dumplings filled with tender meats from the Mugello countryside.


Koto Ramen

Sake vongole

Near Santa Croce there is a contemporary eatery dedicated to Japanese Ramen under the helm of Chef Shoji Minamihara. Koto has taken the city by storm, with a delicious aim to blend local products from Italy into the ramen bowls of this generation. The Japanese wheat noodles are made in-house, whereas the broth remains the star of the show.

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Fusion Bar & Restaurant

Fusion Bar Restaurant Calle BosaJust steps from Ponte Vecchio is a culinary dive into contrasting flavours and textures in a menu that brings together Japanese, Peruvian and sushi with a Mediterranean twist. Chefs Peter Brunel and Gilberto Vannini have created a flavourful menu with an emphasis on Nikkei cuisine, matched with craft cocktails that pair well with their tapas-style menu.

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Kawaii Bar & Snacks

Kawaii Pixabay
This new bar modelled on a traditional ‘izakaya’ Kawaii offers a fresh take on cocktails, with names like ‘bloody Meray’ made with fresh ginger, Japanese Sochu, tomato juice, soy sauce and wasabi, or a fresh Tokyo Mule. A selection of Japanese bar snacks, such as wasabi peas, tuna ‘toro’ and pork Butabaradon, are tasty allies for the night ahead.

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