Where To Drink In Florence Featured

Take a twist on the classics when drinking in Florence.

by Georgette Jupe


Bitter Bar

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Speakeasys are all the trend throughout Italy and Bitter Bar in Sant’Ambrogio recreates a 1920s atmosphere with a curated craft cocktail mentality for those who take their tipple seriously. Certain rules prevail: no standing at the bar, and no ordering ‘Sex on the beach.’ Instead this is the place for an aged Negroni, made with gin Bankes, bitter Campari and Vermouth Cinzano 1757, a red vermouth dedicated to Cinzano’s famous founders Giovanni Giacomo and Carlo Stefano.

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Part restaurant, part bar, Tabarin almost feels like a dream, with an atmosphere as ornate as a plush red couch. The bar is worth the splurge, with their mixologist Roberto Prato recently taking the winning title at the Florence Cocktail Week. Their take on the Negroni cocktail includes a delightful saffron-infused gin, a fresh take on the city’s most famous cocktail.

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Il Locale

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One of the hottest bars in the city, Il Locale has certainly made a name for itself. Situated in a palazzo offering shades of Florence’s medieval and Renaissance past with a contemporary design edge, the cocktail bar is the centrepiece of the restaurant’s vision. Ask for the unmissable Negroni made with Mezcal Vida, Bitter Gagliardo and Vermouth Berto.

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Mad Souls & Spirits


Very popular with locals, this dive bar turned cocktail haven boasts drinks by alchemists Neri Fantechi and Julian Biondi. There is an interesting selection of cocktails with hilarious names, and affordable prices. Ask for their take on a Negroni and expect to be served gin out of skulls and your cocktail in a Nutella glass, it’s all part of the charm.


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