Sample some incredible Neapolitan pizza at Santarpia, sworn by locally-bred Florentines to be the best in town. 

Italians from the South of Italy have realized that to materialise their dreams, they would have to pack up those sweet reveries and head to the big city where they could recreate the flavours and delicacies that highlighted their childhood, bringing the dolce vita to cities in Italy and beyond. Santarpia is among those successful businesses that has managed to capture the wholesome experience of Neapolitan pizza, importing it to the birthplace of the Renaissance. Interiors are elegant yet informal, with prime colours, murals and mosaics adorning the walls, tables and counters. Kneading dough into shape the traditional way, each pizza pie is swept out from the flames of a brick oven, offering a blend of intoxicating aromas. Make sure to try the appetiziers too, and inaugurate the experience with artisan brews and great Italian wines. As it happens, Giovani Santarpia, the brainchild behind this pizzeria, was awarded the highest recongiiton by 'Gambero Rosso' - practically the Michelin star equivalent of pizza in Italy. 


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Largo Annigoni 9C 50122 Florence

+39 055 245829