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The best gelato in Florence

Cool off with a sweet treat in the city where gelato was born

Florence exudes unmistakable charm but perhaps its most delectable aspect is its contribution to the world of gelato. We share some of the best gelato spots arguably in Italy.


carapinaSimone BoniniCarapina

Back in 2008 people told Simone Bonini that no one would buy ice cream hidden in carapinas – below-the-counter steel cylinders. Now they’ve become the mark of the contemporary gelateria. Considered one of Italy’s best gelato makers, Bonini builds his modest selection around strictly seasonal ingredients – see the handy guide on the wall to know when different fruits are on offer. The Florentine store grew so quickly in popularity that Romans cheered when Bonini opened a shop in their city in 2014.

Gelateria De’ Medici

Gelateria-de-Medici-02Gelateria De' Medici

The old-world Florentine décor makes it easy to mistake this shop for an old kid on the gelateria block, especially considering what a favourite it is among locals. However, the Teglia family only opened their doors in 1997, continuing a family tradition of working in food service. Surprising flavours like lime-sage sorbet feature among the classic offerings.



Located in a tree-lined residential area, this local institution is worth the trek just north of the centre. The historic shop is renowned for its copyrighted, custard-and-cream Buontalenti flavour, named after the 16th-century architect who supposedly invented ice cream. Owner Paolo Pomposi was also crowned best gelato maker in Europe at the 2015 London Gelato Festival.

Cioccogelateria Venchi

venchiCioccogelateria Venchi

Founded in 1878 in Turin – the home of gianduja – this ‘choco-ice-cream-shop’ is where chocolate lovers go to die. In line with the store’s philosophy whereby the true chocolatier’s test is the quality of its darkest blend, Azteco – made of just water, sugar and cacao – is one of five different chocolate-flavoured choices and perfect for the lactose intolerant.

Gelateria della Passera

gelateria-della-passeraGelateria della Passera

It’s appropriate that this tiny shop is located in the heart of Florence’s artisan district: the heavenly ice cream is as authentic, homemade and organic as you can get. Gelato maker Cinzia Otri is not afraid of texture, with tiny bits of pulp in the grapefruit flavour and rind in the lemon. None are too sweet, and flavours remain in your mouth long after you’ve finished.

1 Carapina
2 Gelateria De’ Medici
3 Badiani
4 Cioccogelateria Venchi
5 Gelateria della Passera