A more eclectic guide to your day trip in Florence.

Till January 6th 2019, eating the mouthwatering Lampredotto sandwich on Via dei Negri, in Florence, could get more expensive than dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant. 

When Autumn arrives, there are even more reasons to adventure outside of Florence. 

Quiet secluded dining spots in the heart of Florence when the hustle and bustle gets too much.

Discover the best of Artisan shopping in Florence. 

Dining in Florence doesn't need to be just about bistecca, discover our favourite summer dining spots.

Discover Florence's top things to do this season

As long as I have called Florence home, I have longed for quiet garden spaces to escape the busy chaos of the historical centre to seek solace among birds chirping and leaves changing colours according to the season.

 Centrally located hotel full of Renaissance flare

Fancy your self a Great Gatsby fanatic? Pick out a statement piece to finish off your look at Epoca.