Design Week Feature: Ventura Future
Published in Design

 Ventura Future Presents: The Future of Landscape of Design

District Guide: Lambrate & Centrale
Published in Things to do

Discover the neighbourhoods set to be the Next Big Thing.

Design Week Feature: Future Nostalgias
Published in Design

Ateliers creating new wonder walls.

District Guide: Porta Venezia
Published in Things to do

Where old meets new, two neighbourhoods, though side-by-side, couldn’t be farther apart in attitude.

District Special: L’Arabesque
Published in Spend

A new kind of concept store.

District Guide: Porta Romana
Published in Things to do

Discover the hidden treasures of Milan's Porta Romana.

District Guide: Cadorna, Sant'Ambrogio & Ticinese
Published in Things to do

Where past meets present in Milan's medieval heart.

District Guide: Porta Nuova, Isola & Brera
Published in Things to do

Get to know Milan's up and coming corners. 

Milan's Monumental Design
Published in Design

This is the Milan you see in the magazines: the soaring white marble magnificence of the city’s Gothic Duomo; the seemingly endless shops full of otherworldly treasures and, of course, the brilliantly dressed denizens. At first glance, the centre of Milan is a marvellous, old school delight.

Design Week Feature: Maurizio Lai, Designing With Light
Published in Design

Maurizio Lai designs vibrant light environments that foster sensorial experimentations.