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Places to go in Cologne & Dusseldorf

A mix of the most interesting activities Cologne & Dusseldorf.

Any city includes, in its dynamics, a mixture of diverse actives to engage in while out-on-the-town, however, Cologne excels in alternative options for a blissful day. Enjoy and partake in these engaging activities, complementing the city's exquisite and tasteful personality. 

Cologne Zoo / Kölner Zoo

Koelner Zoo Tigeranlage20130709- DSC5526 Hans FellerTigers at the Cologne Zoo

Cologne’s zoo has been around for over 150 years and is home to a comprehensive collection of animals. With its wonderful flair it attracts visitors both young and old.

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Cologne Cable Car

Cologne Cable CarCologne Cable Car

View Cologne from a aerial perspective and float above the Rhine in Europe’s first cross-river cable car. The perfect spot for a photo op, or a romantic summer kiss.

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Rhine Embankment Promenade / Rheinuferpromenade

promenadeRhine Embankment Promenade 

Don’t miss the views of the Oberkassel skyline and the stunning sunset that is best viewed from one of the many restaurants in the casemates.

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1 Kölner Zoo
2 Cologne Cable Car