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Top Shopping Destinations in Dusseldorf Featured

 Dusseldorf's shopping scene has everything from Japanese supermarkets to the latest fashion trends and designers.

Königsallee ("KÖ")

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Königsallee is the place "to see and be seen." With pieces and designs from top designers like Max Mara, Menze, Louis Vuitton and Kenzo among others, shopping at Königsallee is hardly a shorts and t-shirt affair. Come prepared to find exclusive products, fresh-off-the-runway looks and beautifully made luxury items. Whether you choose to stop by the perfumery for the perfect scent or wander through the bookstore, shopping at Königsallee is an experience only available in Dusseldorf.

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Leave Europe behind when you visit Immermannstrasse, the third largest Japanese community in Europe. Known as "Little Tokyo" Immermannstrasse is a Japanese area hidden inside Dusseldorf. It is here that you can find Japanese clothing stores, restaurants and supermarkets. Discover Japanese brands usually only found in Tokyo, as well as delectable Japanese treats and meals such as Japanese mochi or okonomiyaki, a Japanese pancake.

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Take a break from the modern glitz and glamour of Dusseldorf, and visit Carlstadt, a conglomeration of antique shops, beautiful galleries and art stores. Meander through Carlstadt's farmer's market and find quality goods from all over the world, flavourful spices, as well as local delicacies and specialities. The Carlstadt's 18th and 19th-century architecture help establish the historical nature of this beautiful shopping location.

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Bilk & Unterbilk

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Bilk & Unterbilk is a trendy shopping destination with cute boutiques, small cafes, tree-lined streets and quaint pubs. Explore the upcoming fashion trends in the small shops, and then take a break and relax near one of the restored buildings, as you appreciate Bilk & Unterbilk's lovely atmosphere. With styles from established, as well as up-and-coming designers, this shopping destination in Dusseldorf has something for everyone.

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