Derag Livinghotel de Medici Wellness Centre Derag Livinghotel de Medici Wellness Centre

Derag Livinghotel de Medici

This Livinghotel is home to historic and artistic relics of Europe

by 03 November 2016

Before transforming into a hotel, the building that is home to Derag Livinghotel De Medici was once a town hall, monastery and museum, making it a current unmissable historic structure in Dusseldorf. The hotel is in the centre of of the old town, near to the North Rhine-Westphalia’s internationally recognised art collection and the German Opera at the Rhine. Other nearby attractions include Königsallee and the Rhine embankment promenade. With so much history and cultural significance, there is an essence of elegance about the hotel which influences its excellence in hospital.

Wellness CentreWellness Centre

Velvet lined staircases with dark wood banisters connect all features of the building, and architecture reminiscent of a castle compliment the classic simplicity of the design.

Visit Wiener Kaffeehaus De Medici for a taste of traditional delicacies in a Viennese coffeehouse. The hotel also offers sweet and savoury breakfast options and authentic french cuisine for dinner.

Derag Livinghotel de Medici


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