Bittersüß und Edelweiß Bittersüß und Edelweiß

The best sweet treats in Düsseldorf & Cologne

A combination of Germany's best dessert destinations 

Ignorance is bliss, but the right dessert is paradise. We've combined the best locations from the sweet-treat-expertise cities of Düsseldorf and Cologne to provide a delightful guide for the dessert lover or regular tourist alike. Enjoy!

Bittersüß und Edelweiß

Bittersuess Edelweiss c Kat LohausBittersüß und Edelweiß

There are many chocolateries, but this one is special. Only seasonal fruit and herbs are used for the pralines and truffles, made lovingly by hand. Artificial colours and flavours are taboo! The love for the product, which you can taste in every bite, gave the owner the title of ‘Vize German Chocolate Master 2015.’

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Liebe, Lust und Leichtigkeit

Liebe-Lust-und-LeichtigkeitLiebe, Lust und Leichtigkeit

TV presenter and chef Dave Hänsel has been touring Germany’s weekly markets with food stands for years. Now, he runs a regular stand at ‘Carlsplatz’ in Dusseldorf where you can purchase, among other things, fantastic truffle chips daily from 10 am to 8 pm. Perfect sustenance for a tiring shopping trip!

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Eisfeld in Cologne is part of a completely new culture of indulgence that works with sustainable, seasonable products without artificial additives. And the ices taste so irresistibly good that there’s sometimes a large queue in the summer time. But don’t worry, the friendly staff work quickly and the ice cream is well worth the short wait!

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1 Bittersuss und Edelweiss
2 Liebe, Lust und Leichtigkeit
3 Eisfeld