Dusseldorf: Classic Cars With A Vintage Vantage Featured

For people who like vintage cars, Düsseldorf offers a piece of motoring paradise.

by Maria Schädlich


Some people use cars simply as a means of transport. And then, there are others, motoring enthusiasts, classic car lovers, drivers, collectors and admirers. If you enjoy immaculate glossy paint on complex curves, and the power lurking inside wicked power plants, you’ll feel at home at Classic Remise Düsseldorf. Housed in a historical building, an old roundhouse, it is like an interactive museum, populated by many specialised vendors who have expert knowledge about classic cars.

Facel Vega im Showroom

It sounds like a fairly simple question, but the answer is often very complicated and emotive: what is it about cars that gives them such fascination, bringing them to the status of mobile artworks? Probably, everyone has their own answer. It could be the sense of freedom that we remember from when we passed the test and received our driver’s licence as teenagers. Or the acceleration that pushes us back into the seats, the excitement of unleashing raw power. Or again, the beauty of the design, the sound of the engine or the scent of the leather seats...

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Mika Hahn and his father

Mika Hahn, manager of the Classic Remise Centre, thinks that the answer is connected to history and has a very personal background. For him, classic vehicles are an integral part of our culture, not just transportation, but also – amongst other things – objects of design and icons of our age, as he explains. “For example, if you look at a Ferrari Dino or a Mercedes 300 SL with gullwing doors, you see that these cars are perfect from every angle. This, in combination with the art of engineering from the mechanical age – that’s what fascinates me.”

Mika picked up this passion from his father: together, they collected items from the history of mobility in the Rhineland, where hundreds of companies were making cars from 1890 to 1960. Sadly, Hahn’s father passed away two years ago – all the more reason for him to perpetuate their shared passion at Classic Remise.

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IMG 3159

Classic Remise is much more than an exhibition space. It’s a meeting point for one of the most fascinating hobbies in the world. Visitors can have a close look at the automotive beauties, even while having brunch at the bistro. They can have their own vintage or veteran cars stored, restored or rented out. They can be admired by everyone, protected behind glass. Other services available include engine preparation, upholstering and customisation. And they can participate in one of the many events held regularly for motorists of all persuasions.

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If you have a free day in Düsseldorf, Classic Remise is an unusual opportunity. If cars don’t mean that much to you, beware: this place may well change your mind...


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