Photo courtesy of Antonini
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An exclusive jewellery collection to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Antonini.

How to buy gold and diamonds in Dubai
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Forget camel souvenirs and mosque alarm clocks. Diamonds and gold are far better keepsakes. Here is our guide to Dubai gold shops and where and when to get the best deals.

Armaggan's Diamond Collection
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Armaggan's new collection transforms nature's elements into striking jewellery pieces

Top 5 Jewellery Gifts for Eid
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With Eid fast approaching these wonderful jewellery items serve as memorable keepsakes to remember this special season.

Rules of engagement: How the ring changed the jewellery world - Infographic
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These days the bigger the ring the better but diamonds weren't always a girl's best friend...

Coloured diamonds - fire and ice
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The incredible rarity, beauty and value of fancy coloured diamonds make them favourites with collectors and investors

Bucherer - Flawless love
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The 1888 diamond solitaire by Bucherer is as unique as the love of your life

De Beers - Imaginary Nature collection
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The natural world evoked in diamonds and precious metals

Piaget - La Vie en Rose collection
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The strikingly graceful series of jewellery bedazzles the senses

Longines - Winged tradition
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Celebrating 180 years of elegance, tradition and performance