Blue Love with Arabian Sapphire Featured

The rise and fall of the sapphire market confirms the ongoing love affair with this highly prized gemstone.

Compared to the Chinese market’s cool response just several years ago، the new-found fascination for sapphire، spreading all the way to the central Chinese provinces، is nothing but trailblazing. Collectors and even the average consumers have been going after the blue gem، as prices for the coveted natural sapphire keep going up. More recently، major brands are putting it back in the spotlight with several masterpieces that are blueblood-worthy.

Signature Ultime bracelet by Chanel

Signature du Saphir necklace 2 Colour Chanel

This rare Chanel bracelet features 265 natural cabochon sapphires totalling 66 carats، with invisible setting on white gold. The bracelet rimmed with 221 diamonds for a total of 7.7 carats، has a 1-carat.

Reine de Naples 8973 by Breguet

4915 3830Breguet's ladies' watch

The high jewellery version of Breguet’s celebrated ladies’ watch is powered by a complicated minute repeater movement، which marks the top of every hour with two chimes repeated three times. Different shades of sapphires from light to dark blend seamlessly with white diamonds on the dial، for a true blue romance.

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Opera collection by Buccellati

Making Of 7Buccellati saphire necklace

The Milanese jeweller Buccellati established in 1919، enhances its signature hand-crafted ‘rigato’ texture with sapphires. These pendant earrings feature four oval-faceted sapphires amounting to 5.67 carats on a garland design. The lower part of the earring is detachable: the diamond-set bezel can be removed and linked to the ‘Chiodino’ chain as a pendant.

Sapphire rings by Scavia

Baccarat NewBaccarat ring

Fulvio Maria Scavia follows in the footsteps of his grandfather، who first opened his jewellery atelier in Milan، 1911، and begins every design with ‘a blank sheet of white paper، a few pencils، and a vision of a woman’s profile lit up by diamonds and coloured gemstones.’ Fulvio personally travels around the world in search of the perfect gem – one that speaks to him in a special way. The result is always a unique piece such as this.

Dubai Mall of Emirates

Dubai Mall of Emirates