The best Japanese restaurants in Dubai

Our favourite Japanese restaurants in Dubai right now. 

Dubai’s multicultural culinary scene is truly the perfect amalgamation of East meets West. Hence, it would come as no surprise that the famously cosmopolitan Middle Eastern city boasts several of the finest Japanese restaurants in the world. We recommend that you head to these eateries for your Japanese fix...

Sho Chos

Sho Cho’s

Practically a Dubai institution, Sho Cho’s has been one of the city’s favourite Japanese joints for close to a decade. It is beautifully situated on the terrace of the Dubai Marine Resort and Spa with an alluring beachfront view and a decently-sized outdoor bar and dance floor for after-dinner grooving. Indulge in the restaurant’s enticing menu and make sure that you order some of the venue’s favourite dishes including spicy tuna rolls and prawn spring rolls in addition to other creative sushi plates.

LUXOS Recommends: Spicy shrimp and shake (salmon) sushi



Long considered to be one of the best spots in town for a night of dancing and good sushi, Okku is top rated when in comes to fine dining in Dubai. Located in the H Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road, the hotel reportedly flies in fish from Tsukii market in Japan to prepare its delicious signature dishes that include spicy tuna on crispy rice, yellow tail carpaccio and waygu beef with foie gras. Remember to head there on a Sunday night for drinks, sushi and lots of dancing.

LUXOS Recommends: ‘O’ Style Ebi Tempura



Chef Nobu Matsushisa’s acclaimed restaurant in Dubai is located in Atlantis, The Palm Jumeirah within a harmonious space replete with contemporary dОcor. The venue excels at bringing together traditional Japanese style with South American flair to create a distinctive urban experience. Besides Chef Matsushisa’s specialities, the eatery also boasts a sake and sushi bar boasting some of his most imaginative dishes that led him to fame when he opened his restaurant in Los Angeles in 1987.

LUXOS Recommends: Yellowtail sashimi in jalapenos and squid pasta

TOMO by Takahahi

TOMO by Takahashi

Since its founding in 1948, Tomo’s talented chefs have brought an authentic taste of Japanese cuisine to the United Arab Emirates. Locals and visitors alike flock to Tomo’s rooftop terrace to enjoy sunset cocktails, outstanding Japanese fare and a spectacular view of the city. The restaurant, located in the Raffles Hotel, is known for high-quality sushi as well as a wide selection of top-shelf sake.

LUXOS Recommends: The black cod as well as the skewered wagyu beef.



Zuma’s acclaimed Dubai location is found in the very heart of the city’s financial centre and offers a truly unique experience of Japanese dining. The restaurant features Izakaya-style dining in which dishes are brought to the table continuously throughout the meal and are placed in the centre of the table, to be shared by all those present. The result is an elegant yet informal dining experience marked by the bold flavours and simple presentation effortlessly achieved by Zuma’s premiere chefs.

LUXOS Recommends: The seabass carpaccio and the seafood soup.

1 Zuma
2 TOMO by Takahashi
3 Sho Cho
4 Okku
5 Nobu