Best 'dinner and a show' venues in Dubai © Pacha Dubai

Best 'dinner and a show' venues in Dubai

No longer do you need to rush dinner to make it to an event, at these exclusive locations the entertainment is brought right to your table.

Over the past few years, the dinner and a show concept has become increasingly popular in Dubai. Now, we’re fortunate to have new and exciting international performers take to the stages in some of the Dubai’s best venues.

Pacha Ibiza Dubai

The Iconic Ibiza brand is more than just a nightclub. Located at Madinat Jumeirah, Pacha guests can dine on gourmet food and watch a mesmerising show by some of the world’s most experienced performers. The cuisine at Pacha is Asian fusion and guests can choose from two special set menus including offerings such as the Green Mango and Papaya Salad, Organic Chicken and Lemongrass Curry, Winter Truffle Dumplings, Korean Style Prawns and Mochi ice cream.

thisPacha-Korean Style Prawns

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As for the show, the performers have a distinct rawness resulting in a full sensory experience. Each night, 12 of 40 choreographed acts will take place to ensure guests are captivated night after night. Some of the shows are charming and flirtatious, while others are full of energy and effervescence. Highlights include the likes of a male strap artist proudly claiming to be one of the top five in the world with past experience in shows like Cirque du Soleil and Franco Dragone, as well as dancers and other specialist acts from across the globe.


The Act

SHOWTIME! is currently playing at The Act located in the Fairmont hotel and offers guests a fine dining experience of Peruvian delicacies while watching the drama of a story that takes you behind the scenes of true theatre life. You’ll experience the art and thrill of what it takes to make a live show. A backstage look at what it’s like to work with artists, facing obstacles and drama as they struggle to create theatrical magic. This is a fascinating portrait of all the influential personalities involved in a production as creators, directors and performers who take the stage night after night. This show promises to make you feel as if you’re in the middle of a real dress rehearsal where the cast comes to life. You'll never look at a show the same way again.


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MusicHall is a brand that started in Beirut and has opened its second location in Dubai on the Palm Jumeirah in the Zabeel Saray hotel. Each Thursday and Friday, guests can watch a series of performers take to the stage throughout the evening and perform a variety of music styles. In one evening you can see up to 10 different live performers playing Middle-Eastern, Russian, Rock, Gipsy fusion, French, American Pop, Salsa, Indian and Persian music. Between the live shows, the curtains close and a DJ plays fun, party-style dance music. The venue is grand with cascading levels that lead to the large stage (the largest in the region). There are lounge and dinner tables set up to accommodate all group sizes. There’s also a bar area if you’d prefer a more casual experience. As for the menu, there’s a diverse selection of cuisine served at tables and finger food served in the lounge areas.

MusicHall from Jumeirah website

MusicHall © Jumeirah

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