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Known for its ski resorts and fresh mountain air, Davos also has restaurants with enticing menus and picturesque views of the surrounding hills.

Restaurant Weissfluhgipfel

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Appreciate panoramic views of the Alps as you dine on regional specialities at Restaurant Weissfluhgipfel. Chefs prepare each dish with fresh, seasonal ingredients and the view is all that rivals the menu. If you're looking for a rustic, local, meal, LUXOS recommends that you try Rösti with mountain cheese and a fried egg. Include a bottle of wine with your order, and relax in the warm and charming atmosphere of this restaurant situated at the top of a mountain.

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BierVision Monstein

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BierVision Monstein, one of the highest altitude breweries in the world, is the last beer stop before heaven, or that's what the owners say when you visit this world renowned brewery. Brewers use specialised equipment to counteract the effects of the high altitude, and the brewing process is unique to this location. Sample the different beer types as you learn about the brewing process and appreciate the beautiful scenery. Along with beer, the brewery also makes melt-in-your-mouth chocolate, delicious cheeses and a throat-warming whisky.

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Bistro Gentiana

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From the outside, Bistro Gentiana looks like any other small restaurant in Davos. This quaint restaurant, however, serves some of the best fondues in the city. Along with traditional meat and cheese fondues, Bistro Gentiana also offers a signature fondue of mushrooms, dill, pork and onion that will delight even the pickiest eater. Perfect for a date night for two or larger gatherings, make sure that you include Bistro Gentiana in your travel plans.

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Bistro Voila

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Try both international and local cuisine at Bistro Voila, a beautiful restaurant that serves delicious hand-made delicacies and wines from around the world. Serving lunch, breakfast and dinner, the Bistro is perfect at any time of the day, but their gourmet 6-course dinners in winter and 5-course dinners in summer are legendary. Try Grison Capuns here, a traditional dish of egg dough and meat covered with a chard leaf and mountain cream sauce, or something a little more international -- the choice is yours.

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