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The best après ski bars in Davos & Klosters Featured


There are plenty of spots to kick back and relax in Davos after a hard day on the slopes, or a long day networking at the economic conference. Here are our favourite apres ski locations in this luxurious Alpine city.



A favourite for skiers who have had a fantastic day on the slopes and are looking to kickstart the evening. The DJ styles the music, and party animals can enjoy different themes such as alternative rock, hip hop, reggae, ska, electronic sounds and more. Back in 1993, the hotel in which Bolgenschanze is located became the venue adopted by snowboarders, and it soon started attracting people from far beyond the region.

Bolgen Plaza

Bolgen PlazaSource:

Fondly referred to as the ‘hut,’ also acts as a first stop for many skiers before heading off to more serious parties. It sits at the base of Jakobshorn in a wide, open area with heated outdoor facilities.

EX Bar

EX Bar

The EX Bar has been an unmissable venue in Davos since 1965, always well worth a visit. It offers warm dishes every day from 5pm until closing time, amongst which the homemade chicken McNuggets with a house sauce, succulent steaks with French fries and freshly-prepared sauces, chicken wings, and the EX Hamburger. The long bar and the wooden tables add to the relaxed ambience, enhanced by the excellent service and the friendly clientele. As for the name, it comes from the venue that it used to be, an Express Milk bar.

Chämi Bar

Chämi BarSource:

Cozy and unpretentious, with traditional wooden interior and friendly staff this is an ideal spot to kick back and relax with a post-ski beer. 

Carigiet Bar

Carigiet BarSource:

Ease into the evening, and the very comfy sofas, with aperitifs at the five star Belvédère Hotel’s Carigiet Bar. Be sure to check out the painted ceiling above the bar, named after Swiss painter, Alois Carigiet. According to legend, the artist who frequented the Belvedere Hotel paid his bill with this painting.

Piano Bar Tonic and Lounge

Piano Bar Tonic & Lounge

A mellow and relaxed bar in Davos, in the same location as the famous Cava or Cabanna Club, this is an ideal venue for a relaxed drink before going out. It attracts both local and international guests for its fine cocktails and its live music programme which includes Canadian pianist Barry Colson in January, Ian Hooper in February, and Gianni Amato.

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1 Chami Bar
2 Restaurant Bolgen Plaza
3 Carigiet Bar
4 Bolgenschanze
5 EX Bar
6 Piano Bar Tonic and Lounge