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Where to do yoga in the Costa del Sol

Seek an hour or two of refuge and recharge at the finest yoga studios in Marbella

Even though it can be tempting, don't ditch your daily routine when you travel. To help you keep up your heart rate up and your muscles stretched, we visited some of the best yoga studios and teachers in Costa del Sol to make your vacation all the more relaxing. The beach will still be there after your class.

Radiant Yoga Marbella


This studio offers up-to-the-minute technology for hot yoga – infrared heating panels that heat the room not the body. By activating the water molecules in your body, this ‘radiant’ heat carries many benefits. Your body will be able to remove toxins from the blood, circulation is improved and the nervous system calmed. This is yoga, so you can expect improvements in body tone, flexibility and focus. But, perhaps, the best thing is that the team’s purpose is ‘to make it easier for people to wake up to their true potential.’ And that sounds perfect. www.yoga-in-marbella.net 

Marbella Pilates and Yoga Studio

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Francisco Benitez is a former dancer-turned-yogi/pilates instructor who has dedicated his life to helping people move better. While he is known around Costa del Sol for his intense Pilates classes, his yoga classes have something a bit more relaxing to offer. Choose from traditional hatha or vinyasa flow, and make sure to bring your blocks and straps as Benitez is big on increasing your stretching potential. www.marbellayoga.com

Yoga Flow with Petra 

yoga with petraYoga Flow with Petra

Petra’s holistic approach to this already holistic practice is intriguing. While most yoga today is Yang yoga – it is concerned with muscular movement and contraction – Petra also teaches Yin yoga. This targets the connective tissue (tendons and ligaments) by holding postures for three to five minutes at a time. And because yin strengthens yang, your body will enjoy all the benefits. www.yoga-marbella.com 

The Yoga Shala Institute


Opened in 1997, this is the longest-established studio in the area. Owner Javier Castro is an experienced Yoga Alliance teacher and has some serious credentials. His studio offers traditional yoga and keeps up with the trends. The likes of Iyengar, Ahstanga and Kundalini yoga accompany the newer Vinyasa Flow. The team is large and is made up of experienced yogis who can take you through your paces. www.yogashalainstitute.com  

Escuela Andaluza de Yoga

teaserbox 7658616-marbella-yoga.com-escuelaMarbellaYoga.com

Escuela Andaluza de Yoga offers classes for all types and all skill levels. From expecting mothers to advanced yoga students to limited mobility yoga, there is a class for you no matter your experience or ability. Best of all, they offer these classes at various times throughout the day so you'll never have to compromise between the beach and exercising. For something different, try couples yoga Fridays from 15:00 to 17:00. www.marbella-yoga.com

Kundalini Yoga Marbella


Kundalini yoga as taught by yogi Bhajan is considered the most comprehensive of Yoga traditions combining meditation, mantra, breath techniques & physical exercise (Kriya). It is a beautiful & dynamic practice, very different from the Hatha styles many of us in the West are more familiar with. Kundalini is challenging physically, emotionally & psychologically, but remains accessible to all levels. Aimee´s classes use dynamic, varied & uplifting Kundalini music to carry you in to a rhythmic space & deeper dimension of practice. Kundalini Yoga Marbella offers group classes, private classes workshops & retreats in and around Marbella. www.kundaliniyogamarbella.com

1 Radiant Yoga Marbella
2 The Yoga Shala Institute
3 Escuela Andaluza de Yoga
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