Fine dining on the Costa del Sol Nomo, source: facebook

Fine dining on the Costa del Sol

The best places to eat on the Costa del Sol this summer...

Restaurants that offer a superb culinary experience are helping to put the Costa del Sol on the map. Here are our top picks for 2015...

Nomo Mediterranean Brasserie

Fresh and new, Nomo is a welcome addition to San Pedro’s restaurant scene. Keen to deliver the perfect dish with attention to detail, the menu is small compared to others but that only ensures quality. Serving adventurous cuisine, made with the best local produce, Nomo is getting a name for its clean, fresh and seriously tasty food. This being a brasserie, artisanal beer is available from two barrels that are a central feature in this slick, modern and very chic restaurant.


Healthouse Restaurant

A health spa it may be, but there’s no sacrifice at the new Healthouse Restaurant. Consultant chef Andoni Luis Aduriz has employed his technical and creative skills to produce a menu that keeps your taste buds flying without you feeling deprived. A Basque chef, Aduriz has worked with all the greats, including Ferran Adria, Juan Mari Arzak and Martin Berasategui. Indeed, dining from this menu is a treat of Michelin proportions; two stars to be exact. This is a serious dinner but also dinner for those with a body that’s a temple.

SolloSollo, source:

Sollo Restaurant

Many restaurants claim to offer a ‘gastronomic experience’, and Sollo is one of the few that delivers. When Chef Diego Gallegos cooks, you’re not sitting down for a meal, this is something special. Known as the ‘Caviar chef,’ Gallegos delights with his use of a single ingredient used in different and unexpected ways. Having started with a tiny restaurant seating just ten, the team of two moved into new premises in early spring. Fresh, dynamic and authentic, this is a chef that’s moving firmly along the Michelin path.

Voulez VousVoulez Vous, source:

Voulez Vous

New kid on the Puerto Banus block, Voulez Vous is a very chic package of white-on-white décor encompassing leather banquettes, ghost chairs and stylish details. With a French manager and an Argentinian chef, the food is French but with a Spanish twist. Having worked and travelled through Europe, the chef’s experience helps produce a cuisine that works. The restaurant has quickly made it to the locals’ favourite list and, having only opened in November last year, this is no mean feat.

MomoMomo, source:

Momo & Lima, Marbella

Modern, slick and ambitious, Momo has garnered quite a reputation since it opened in 2013. Popular for its stylish yet welcoming and unpretentious ambience, Momo’s fine international cuisine does not disappoint. Just down the road, Lima is Momo’s sister restaurant that opened in 2014. It focuses on a more Asian twist to the international food that is so loved by Momo’s fans. Unsurprisingly, Lima is both chic and stylish; it’s Marbella dining at its best.



Restaurant 1870

1870 opened its doors last summer. Located in an old sugar factory, the unique setting is just one of its charms. Argentinian chef Aitor Perurena likes to keep things simple with a nod to the past while presenting a dish that is utterly modern. For example, roast rumpsteak is served with Parmentiera shallots and cherries, and sweet, crispy duck leg is served with grilled foie gras and sautéed pineapple. The space is vast but still stylish and welcoming, the food is simple yet tantalizing. It’s a must-try.

1 Sollo Restaurant
2 Voulez Vous
3 Momo Marbella
4 Restaurant 1870
5 Nomo Brasserie
6 Healthouse Restaurant