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12 Hours in Bodrum Featured

 How to do it all with only 12 hours in Bodrum

by Ann Bargstedt

The entire peninsula of Bodrum is a centre for luxury and Turkish culture. These come together to create a playground for relaxation and maybe even some exploration. One can find favourite indulgences as well as those one has never tried before. All of this is surrounded by the beauty of the Aegean Sea. Even with only 12 hours to spend here, there are so many possibilities for experiences in activity, dining, and shopping.


Durukos Yachting

Demir Duru became a pioneer of luxury yachting in Turkey in 1974 when he founded Durukos Yachting. Since then, the company has flourished to become a renowned but still exclusive charter service along the Aegean coasts as well as around the world. The crews of every gullet and motorboat are well versed in both the best sites of Bodrum and how to provide every luxury imaginable on board one’s vessel of choice.

Durukos Julian DelacruzCopyright Julian Delacruz

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Zai Bodrum

A coffee shop, a library, and a garden are all encapsulated into Zai, a new generation library that has come to be known as a literal oasis. This experience can be found in the Konacik area of Bodrum. The serenity of Bodrum is epitomized here, as one can bask in scores of literature and 800 year-old olive trees. Spend an entire afternoon or just an hour at Zai and discover its unique charm.




A few kilometres outside of Bodrum, there is Ent; a local restaurant that has been recognized for extraordinary quality. Chef Yoldaş Sönmez specialized in New Anatolian style food, which he serves both a la carte and in a tasting menu. Both feature a variety of seafood and other classic staples of the region, each with a modern twist.

EntImage Courtesy of Ent Restaurant

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There are three things that Soprano’s offers from its rooftop location: cocktails, fine dining, and live music, all overlooking the nearby Bodrum Marina. This is the best place for an evening out, as it is the preference of the high society of Bodrum. A reservation here will showcase what is beautiful about Bodrum.

SopranosBodrumImage Courtesy of https://www.facebook.com/SopranosBodrum



Yalıkavak Marina

The Yacht Harbour Association’s Marina of the Year 2018/2019, Yalikavak Marina, is home to several restaurants and stores. These line the banks of a little cove on the Northern side of the peninsula which creates a natural harbour for the yachts of the rich and famous. For everything from makeup to fur coats, Yalikavik Marina is a picturesque source for high quality shopping.


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This shopping mall, the first open-air bazaar in all of Bodrum, offers both local and international brands. Oasis is located in the main city of Bodrum. Whether one is searching for souvenirs for friends and family or treating themselves to the best money can buy, Oasis will more than fit the bill.


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