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What To Do In Bodrum

More than just beautiful beaches, the Turkish resort of Bodrum has so much to offer. Discover what you can do with our guide.

by Damla Kellecioglu

A customised excursion

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Durukos Yachting runs a wide range of motor yachts and gulets, and offers made-to-measure excursions.

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Sailing to inner peace

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Reward yourself with a spa break and rejoice in the mesmerising effect of healing hands. With a distinctive architecture largely respecting the location’s geographical forms, Kuum Spa is located 1.5 metres below sea level. For those who dream of purification and regeneration.

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Discover Turkish cuisine’s local delicacies

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Save an hour or two for a small culinary break. Chef Pelin Dumanli organises beginner's classes and tailor-made tastings with local delicacies.

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