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Bodrum: The Traditional Foods To Know Featured

Try these local menu items the next time you find yourself in Bodrum.


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On a hot day in Bodrum, nothing tastes better than a chilled glass of Ayran, a filling yoghurt drink. Like Italian gelato, Ayran is a staple of Turkish cuisine and perfect for an afternoon cool-down. If you're looking for a mid-day or evening snack, try Ayran with a side of grilled meat or rice. There are different types of Ayran some of which include: mint and lime juice, carbonated water, and diced cucumbers. Word of advice: don't mistake this salty, healthy natural yoghurt drink for milk even though it might look like milk.

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Similar to French crepes, Gözleme is a savoury flatbread filled with goats cheese, vegetables, and spices among other ingredients. Cooked on a hot griddle. Gözleme is a traditional breakfast item that is also sometimes eaten as a mid-morning snack. If you are a fan of delicious breakfast pastries, then you will not be disappointed when you try Gözleme.

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If you try any alcoholic drink in Bodrum, make sure that it is Raki, a traditional Turkish beverage made from distilled grape pomace and aniseed. Although there are different Raki brands and flavours, a classic choice is Yeni Raki. To order a glass, use the phrase "Bir Kadeh raki." Savour the drink by slowly sipping it and enjoy the company around you whether that be locals or friends and family. If you are hungry, LUXOS recommends that you pair Raki with a fish dinner or an afternoon snack of sweet yellow melon and salty feta cheese.

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Dolmas are a must-try Mediterranean hors-d'oeuvre. Eaten both warm and cold, Dolmas are grape leaves stuffed with rice, meat, and various seasonings drizzled over with freshly squeezed lemon juice or yoghurt. Meat-filled Dolmas are usually served with a tasty yoghurt sauce whereas rice-filled Domas are covered with a lemon sauce. Sample the different types of Dolmas and figure out which kind is your favourite. Most people usually order warm or cold Dolmas based on the weather.

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Cheap and filling, Dönerkebab is a traditional Turkish "sandwich" beloved by locals and foreigners alike. This "sandwich" consists of thin strips of meat cut from a roasting spit, mixed with onions, salad, and other vegetables before being placed between two slices of bread called pide. Although it is usually eaten for lunch, Dönerkebab is delicious at any time of the day.

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Not quite a pizza and not quite a tortilla, Lahmacun has a chewy medium-thick crust topped with meat, vegetables, herbs and different types of spices. Adjust the spiciness by requesting more or less red pepper flakes, but be aware that chefs are usually very liberal with the red pepper flakes.

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